Andy Hodgson ex bid TV now on TJC


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Andy Hodgkin is so slimey he makes you want to nail all your possessions down when he appears, he has that attitude were he’s smiling while knowing he’s ripping you off, no can’t stand him. I read once he was part owner, or had something to do with owning Sit-up Ltd so maybe he’s bringing all that excess stock they didn’t have a chance to flog before they went bust, Don’t watch shopping channels just channel hop on QVC now and again but I’ll beware to avoid TJC even more now.


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Andy was one of the few presenters I could tolerate, not that I will go looking for him on TJC..:)

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Late to the discussion I know, but I saw him the other day with another chap selling all manner of 'fantastic' products at 'unbeatable prices'.

As with most selly telly 'faces', there's something about him which I just cannot trust.................


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He is very very good

He has his faults as they all do but he can do this gig with his eyes closed I am pretty sure he is well off financially (from some podcasts I have heard) and it comes across as he very rarely or ever puts the pressure on

He does use some pretty advanced selling techniques but in a subtle fashion

His partnership on screen with Laura is a joy to watch just basically a laugh for 4 hours and lots of innuendoes.

As I have said before they hardly mention the product and yet keep getting evening shifts which tells you they are selling well

I doubt he will hang around that long post covid


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He has just said the words you can't say if you believe nearly every other presenter "made in china" oh no

The item was cheap, he admitted it will take months to come back because of the current delays from China and other parts of the world

People are not stupid when an item is £9.99 the chances are it has come from China or the far east, did everybody stop buying with this bombshell? no, the item sold out in three minutes......

lesson there somewhere

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