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Does anyone know when Anna will be on the craft channel? Her blog announcing she would be on here stated the beginning of January 2016, but still no sign or mention of her... I am really looking forward to seeing her! Her products are in a class all of their own in my opinion


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I love her products too.

I assume she recorded her programmes in early December, maybe they are waiting for stock to arrive before they go to broadcast.

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I definitely read that Anna was recording shows on her last visit to QVC and got the impression the shows on TCC would be weekly. Perhaps they are waiting to get the Sales out of the way? No Anna Griffin products showing up on the website yet.

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They are changing channels as from tomorrow and broadcasting 12 hours per

And it's all ours ....

"From tomorrow, we will have a brand new home on Sky Channel 679. We'll also be on Freesat 818 very shortly.

Our broadcasting hours will be

7am-7pm Monday to Saturday
6am-6pm Sunday.

We won’t be sharing the airtime with anyone else, so you will have 12 hours of continuous Craft Channel programming from all of your favourite presenters.

We'll continue to broadcast on Sky 660 until tomorrow night and then we'll say goodbye.

Thank you for continuing to support us while we have been putting this together, and we can't wait to welcome you into our new home.

Happy Crafting.

The Craft Channel Team"


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Thanks FP. It'll be on-line only for me then. BooHoo.


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I do like Anna Griffin. So girly. I just finished putting together a newer card kit...All About Kindness..they are easy to do and look great as well.

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