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Feb 21, 2011
Plymouth, Devon
Firstly she said she was going to show us the large solar panel. So she got it in her hand, showed it to the other woman (don't know any names) but the camera didn't bother to show it to us, it just remained on the lamps.

The choice was white, or colour changing. But she then told us they DON'T actually change colour at all, they are just red.

And the written description is inaccurate gobbledegook too, eg solar powered stakes.

Load of balls! As usual.


I reckon Presenter B holds them up to her face of a morning and draws round them to felt pen in her eyebrows.

They are presenting a lot of rubbish stuff at the moment.
So much of their stuff is throw-away quality. Few of their goods last very long. They are produced on the cheap and only give tempory satisfaction. Perhaps that's what customers want. Buy it because it looks fun, use it for a while, bin it, and buy something new. Good for the customer and good for QVC.
I bought a lovely solar lit up lantern last year from QVC. Put it outside, it lit up the first night, glorious. And that was that, rain got into it, and it was finito. Sent it back for a refund.
I've got many solar lights from Q that failed, often in the rain (though intended for permanent use outside) but too late to send back.

I am currently using some inside some transparent containers that were originally used for snacks from a supermarket, keeps them dry, but eventually they get condenstion inside and that kills them too.
Load of balls! As usual.

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I reckon Presenter B holds them up to her face of a morning and draws round them to felt pen in her eyebrows.

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Who is this presenter? Is she the same one who presented the Ailoria nail files earlier?

I glanced up and saw the nail file set at £18 and caught her telling us to look at it as £4 per piece with a FREE case. Now, I know I'm a bit of an old fart but isn't four multiplied by four sixteen? It always used to be.

I had to rewind three times to check I wasn't losing my marbles. Nope, definitely four files for £4 each. I even tried adding the postage cost to see if I could make it work out to be four times four.

I have too much time on my hands!

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