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The hi-lo hems imo only look good if its a maxi dress, any shorter and it looks ridiculous. On the models we kept being told that the front hem was 'just below' the knee, well not on my screen it wasn't. The model had knee length boots on and the frock came above the knee - not a good look for any woman of a certain age no matter how good their legs are - unless opaques are worn.

These designers from across the pond, as said before, clearly churn out one standard pattern in garish prints that Mrs mid-America really love and are grateful for, who no doubt lives 'out on the range' , miles away from shopping malls, but have a good postal service ideal for selly telly, Well, we are a bit more discerning in the UK.
Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman springs to mind whenever I have seen her on her show.
That supposes a degree of conscious humour whereas it’s just crap being sold as fashion to the sort of people who storm buildings for a day out.


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antthony seem a nice enough guy, but his fashion is not what I would buy/wear. TBH there is very little of QVC fashion that I could be tempted to buy.
The TSV jumper was the first thing I have been remotely interested in for years but looking at the videos the front edge looks a baggy mess so I’m out!


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Agree. Dont want to generalise (but I will), American ladies, to me anyway, are divided into 2 - the very large obese and the very very slim. Ronni Nicole takes care of the 'slim' - her measurements only increase by 1" to a max of 42" bust. The others take care of the rest.

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