Anybody Know The Name Of This Please??

I have one of these with variegated leaves and I think it is a Weigela.
It grows like a weed here and I give it a radical hair cut after it has flowered.
You can order one from here
But mine is well over 6 foot high rather than the 4 foot they say
Weigela flowers come in a few pink tones so you will need to identify which pink you want. Also it is a decidious plant so it will have bare stems November to April. If you know someone who has one you could ask for a cutting but it will be a few years before it gets to a decent size.
We had two Weigela's in our old house, they grew really big!!!!
I have 2 at present. 1 is variegated and pale pink and huge because it has escaped pruning for a while and a dark ruby one with very dark leaves which is very compact.

Personally the paler one is my fav.

A really good plant for all round colour is pieris (forest flame) which is fairly slow growing but can eventually get big. It is the one with acid green leaves, giving way to red and with masses of white lily of the valley type flowers. They have started to sell more compact ones but I don't think they have quite the same impact. If I could have only 1 plant it would be it, even though I love scented plants but they have such a short flowering period.
I have ordered a pink one (Florida something) from Amazon. And I picked up a Weigela "Bristol Ruby" for 97p in poundland! Hope it grows.