Attempt of refusal of refund if 50+% of product used under 30 day MBG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You may recall I posted re my 3 week old refund processing.

Well I was in for a surprise this am - when the courier knocked with a parcel from QVC , of which QVC had demanded a signature.

I openend it, and there were my 2 Perricone returns, minus my bubble wrapping etc - boxes soaked, with product leaked everywhere.
AND no note.

I have just called to see what the blazes is going on, and have been told that as more than 50% had been used during the 30 day no quibble gte period - I was not due a refund.

IMAGINE my reaction ..... I asked where in the published T&Cs it mentions this, why the presenters dont mention it, but say "use for the whole 30 days and if your not happy send it back", or why their 30 day refund period is cited as "no quibble", when apparently its anything but. INdeed Alison Young and the others are forever spouting on beauty shows, give it a good try, if fact send it back empty if you are not happy with results over the 30 days.

After 12 yrs and 1000s of £s spent - I am flaming LIVID - in fact I;m beyond this....

The manager told me she didn;t know where it published the 50% useage rule, she would have to find out and come back to me ... of which I am awaiting a call ....

I have checked the T&Cs, and printed them off - and there is NO MENTION OF THIS 50% USE RULE, WHICH I DO BELIEVE IS BECAUSE OF THE PRICE POINT TO BE REFUNDED.

Anyone else heard this ?

I do intend on involving Trading Standards on this, and making it public if they attempt to wriggle out of the refund, which I think is because itss £207 ....


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Ridiculous!!!! I'm seriously contemplating closing my account. Numerous items if mine are going missing only for QVC to insinuate that I am stealing them despite tracking information stating that the items are still at the couriers warehouse. Their whole service leaves a lot to be desired!!
You have my sincere sympathy and I hope you get this sorted out xx
Contractually they haven't a leg to stand on .... as they can't seek to rely upon a contractual T&C, that is unpublished (if fact rather the opposite is stated on television and their published terms) and apparently only known to them, and of which the Managers have no idea where such a term is published, and it would certainly fail the lawful "unfair relationship test".

If they don't refund, I will take legal advice on pursuance, and also go directly to Trading Standards, ASA and Watchdog as suggested - I am also just waiting for a beauty show to come on, I intend to ring up and ask on air about the refund policy when they are spouting, "go on use it over the next 30 days, and if you don't see results send it back".

It is the 30 day try period that made me go for the item, my sister & I generously tried for the 30 days didn't see sufficient results to warrant the price tag - so sent them back under the published 30 MBG t&cs.

As I say I think its the fact its a £207 refund - that has prompted this attempted unlawful and illegal action .... I AM FUMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still no call ....... no doubt legal dept are desperately trying to find something/anything in the T&Cs which could be re-interpreted to suit their requirements !!!!

There wasn't even a note enc with the items to tell me why they had returned them back .....

A very annoyed Missy x


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as the recession gets worse companies are getting really cheeky. and thats cheeky imao. apple/ugg/miele are all brands that are top end and refuse to do the right thing by thier customers it will only get worse. puts one off spending full stop. very bad. suprised at qvc but then again....


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I mentioned this some time ago. On the QVC facebook page someone said they had cosmetics returned to them from QVC saying the had used too much product in the 30 MBG period. They QVC replied and said that 30% of the product should be used with normal use in that time period. I even posted on here about and everyone was shocked. So here is the proof!!!! Now is there a lab somewhere that QVC get scienists(sp) to use said products to see how much a normal person will use in a 30 day period. Yeah right, and as my tutor says, My arse plays a bango.
Ok, just had a phone call .... they will ON THIS OCCASSION refund (once they have the items back again with aprepaid slip!) - BUT I will be getting a letter telling me that if on future orders if more than 50% is used then there is NO refund.

I asked if this was a particular T&C to me, they said no "Its across the board" - so if its a GENERAL T&C, why isn't it published both on site and on air ?

After many yrs and 1000's of £ spent on beauty(and other) items ..... to say I am shocked, disappointed and feel a little victamised would be an understatement ....

So ladies, just be careful when using in the 30day, if you are getting near the 50% mark and aren't sure, don't take a chance and send it back at that point.

I think I will only order items I KNOW work or that I like, and won't take a chance on anything new just in case I go over the 50% mark - this has really shook me up and upset me and I must admit I feel very let down by QVC of whom I have always championed to others....... still life gives us a harsh reality check sometimes, and I've had mine !!

Missy x

Bea Frugal

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Good for you Missy. qvc should think twice before antagonising long-standing customers. It has been mentioned before that they have started acting up if there is what they consider 'more than normal' useage during the the trial period. Maybe some people are siphoning the stuff off and then returning. That would not be fair to anyone. On the other hand, even if you return something having only dipped your finger in the pot, that product is only good for the bin so they do seem to be overreacting here. They have such a volume of sales that we can't guess at the types of abuse that might go on, but it's been said before - they MUST explain the deal loud and clear.
Agreed ..... I had no idea there were useage policies as they are certainly not made public nor would they fit in with the 30 day NO QUIBBLE gte - as citing useage as a term not to refund certainly is a very big quibble.

But then again I rarely return beauty items, in fact I can only think of 4 in over 10yrs, coupled with the fact I order the high end stuff such as Gatineau, Elemis, Decleor, I do feel a little unfairly treated - and they a little underhanded this matter, which appears to have affected people before my little episode !

To boot, I have just gone to repackage them for 2nd return, and 1 of the items returned is missing, and thats on top of no instructions or note with them when the were received !!

I have called CS to have a note made, as the next thing will be is that the returned items are incomplete !

miss molly

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I suppose if it is a large product which should last say 6 months and more than 50% is used in only a month they may ask questions on expensive items. However they should make the returns policy crystal clear for customers.


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as the recession gets worse companies are getting really cheeky. and thats cheeky imao. apple/ugg/miele are all brands that are top end and refuse to do the right thing by thier customers it will only get worse. puts one off spending full stop. very bad. suprised at qvc but then again....
I've never had a single problem with Apple. In fact, if anything I have been very impressed with Apple's after sales service. About 18 months ago I dropped my iPhone 4 and cracked the screen. I had only had it a couple of weeks. I was going to make a claim in the contents insurance, so went into Apple for a replacement quote. The guy at the Genius Bar told me not to worry and just gave me a brand new one free. I originally got it from O2 so didn't even buy it direct from Apple. Their service is brilliant and what every other company should aspire too. I was also given a generous discount in-store when I purchased Apple Care for my daughter's MacBook. Apple have me as a customer for life. We have now switched all our tech stuff over to Apple as a result. 2 MacBook Pros, new iPad (awesome by the way!), 2 iPhones and an iPod Touch and no doubt the collection will grow.

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Crazy how an earth can usage be worked out?

QVC sell products such as bath/shower, handwashes, shampoo's which could be purchased for families or students/flat/house share.

What about crafting products purchased for groups/clubs etc.

I recall years and years ago now, when I'd just started watching QVC, I'd started crafting and wanted to try out embossing powder.
I rang CS as I'd heard the presenter say try it out for a month, and if you don't get along with it just send it back.
I questioned if I used the powder was their a limit on how much I could use, before not being allowed to return for a refund.
I was bothered I may use a lot to get the correct effect or make a mess, spill it and not get a lot back in the pot.
The CS rep said their wouldn't be a problem if I wanted to return for a refund, if I didn't get along with it.

What about items such as clothing, footwear or bedding can you not use the items for a month then and return because they will have more than 50% wear?


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I think this is terrible customer service.

Maybe when returning beauty stuff we should 'top up' the stuff with water/yoghurt/flour mix/whatever so it appears fuller - surely they bin it anyway?


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My knee-jerk response to this is to advise beauty buyers to top up their pots with cheap handcream or any gunk that roughly resembles the original product, if they decide the moisturiser (or whatever) isn't for them and want to return it.

Missymiss (any buyer for that matter) pay by credit rather than debit card where possible, and at the first whiff of silly bugger behaviour from QVC raise a complaint with your credit card (which is jointly liable for the goods/services you buy). The CC company don't just step in when a vendor goes bust but can exert pressure to resolve any dispute. Even once QVC pay up it's worth contacting the CC to explain your dispute, particularly where QVC are relying on clauses that don't appear in the T&Cs.

I hope you get a full refund and an apology (not sure you'll get the latter).

Jude xx


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Here's a question I've just had delivery of a garden cleaning product.
Well I don't know if it's going to clear the moss etc. because some reviews are good and some not.
So do I get hubby to do only half a job, just in case it doesn't work then I can return for a refund?
Well the fact it took them over 3 weeks to send it back, with no note wasn't clever.

Now I have to send them back again, to get a refund.

QVC have to display all t&cs that form part of the contract (i.e sale and purchase), between themselves and the consumer - then the consumer may may a decision upon which they either elect to enter into the contract and buy the item (with MBG terms) or not.

This is regardless of use, unless of course, it clearly states both on the TV presentations and published terms, on any restrictions to use during the 30 day period - as to attempt to enforce a term previously concealled would fail any unfair relationship test or court case.

This is similar to the 50% return policy, which IS now clearly published on their T&C site.

As I say, I have always championed QVC and their CS, and this has left rather a sour taste, although in this case they have agreed to a full refund.

As I say, I will only now order things that i ALREADY use and know, or items that don't have a quantity as such .....



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I've had a good read of their terms and conditions and nowhere does it mention that you have to return at least 50% of the item, it only says that the items have to be clean and in their original packaging. This is something I feel should be brought to the attention of Trading Standards and the ASA. Shame on QVC.


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I agree, regardless of the fact that they have finally agreed to refund Missy "on this occasion".

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