Attitude By Renee TSV 26/05/20


Women with Control Tummy Control Stretch Denim Cropped Trouser with Pockets TSV 26/05/20 (guessing which size is which number)





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Look great with those flat sandals that look like boats :eek: Why do designers keep flogging us trousers/leggings/jeggings all the time ? there must be at least 100 different designs throughout all the brands on QVC.


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Women with Control Tummy Control Stretch Denim Cropped Trouser with Pockets TSV 26/05/20 (guessing which size is which number)


Colours are bleached, indigo, mustard, white and black


Women with Control Tummy Control Prime Stretch Denim Crop Trouser



QVC Price £45.00
Todays Special Value Price £35.98
P&P £3.95

A pair of cropped trousers from Women with Control, crafted from the brand's comfortable Prime Stretch denim-effect fabric and featuring a built-in tummy control panel, a convenient pull-on design, functional pockets plus seam detailing designed to pull you in at the waistline. Effortlessly chic and endlessly flattering, these trousers will have you feeling stylish and in control as you take on the day with confidence.

A style staple - denim is a must-have in any wardrobe and Women with Control's latest offering combines this essential fashion look with four-way stretch to create the comfortable and versatile Prime Stretch fabric. Ideal for the woman on-the-go, these trousers will keep you looking fabulous and feeling great all day.

Ultimate control - fitted with a tummy control panel that boasts the Blu-Tec Control System, these trousers will offer you the support and hold you want to showcase your figure. The interior mesh panel helps to create a smooth, sleek finish to highlight your curves, without a feeling of restriction.

All in the details - looking for the perfect hourglass finish? With seam details at the waistline, these trousers help to draw the eye and pull you in at your narrowest point, instantly creating a covetable figure.

Take your pick - with five chic colours on offer, it's time to pick your favourite pair. For a classic denim look, opt for Indigo, Black or Bleached Denim. If you want to add a fresh summer take on a wardrobe essential to your repertoire, try White or Mustard.

  • Outer: 95% cotton, 5% elastane; lining: 84% nylon, 16% elastane
  • Machine washable at 30C

Colour options:

  • Indigo
  • Black
  • White
  • Bleached Denim
  • Mustard

Garment measurements:

  • Waist: XS: 63.5cm (25"), S: 68.5cm (27"), M: 73.5cm (29"), L: 78.5cm (31"), XL: 86.5cm (34"), 2XL: 96.5cm (38"), 3XL: 107cm (42")
  • Hip: XS: 82.5cm (32.5"), S: 87.5cm (34.5"), M: 92.5cm (36.5"), L: 98cm (38.5"), XL: 105.5cm (41.5"), 2XL: 114cm (45"), 3XL: 124.5cm (49")
  • Inseam (all sizes): 58.5cm (23")

All measurements are approximate


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Isn't that Donna Cooling in that photo modelling the banana pants? I hope she's doing the presentations as she's good fun and very watchable. She'll have to go some to sell me these though :D Hmmm, now I'm not sure if that is her name. Sorry if it isn't!


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According to TV guide is Gilly doing the midnight hour.
Hopefully the correct size has been ordered in for her to wear.


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She has quite big hips so I hope they have the right size and an appropriate top. She's not really the ideal shape for modelling fashion TSVs because they're usually suited to tall slim girls or tiny skinny girls like renee.



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Just seen the first presentation of today and they're already selling like hotcakes!!!! The guest is banging on how in the white you can't see your underwear...Are you sure now? I'm guessing that the model in the white is wearing a G-string or no underwear at all (eww!) because there's absolutely no way on God's fine earth that a light garment that tight would not produce some kind of vpl - no way! What it did show up on the larger model especially was every lump and bump possible...and as for the guest going gaga over the fact they've got for?!...You could actually see that the model could hardly squeeze her fingers into one of them, and you most certainly couldn't put anything in them! They looked highly uncomfortable and sitting down in them doesn't even bear thinking about..perhaps they come with a tube of Canesten that you can carry around in the pocket! ....and again as per - The price is incredibly steep - so that's £40 to look like an explosion in a sausage factory. I can't believe I'm saying this, but if you must buy clothes from a shopping channel you could do no worse than seeing what IW have to offer - at least the prices are reasonable - and from experience, the quality's pretty decent too!


And if you go to Ideal World you can get very similar for £21 (including p&p) if you're unlucky, and two for one on special deals if you're lucky. I got a few pairs (2 for 1 offer) a couple of years ago and the quality is just as good as anywhere else. What's special about the value you get here?


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IW do a lot of Joe Browns things as well, which I love. Wouldn't say they're any cheaper than JB's own website but they often do flexi pays and they have lovely things compared to QVCs JB offerings.

IW do loads of cheap things and I've rarely sent anything back and even if you do it's free at Asda. QVCs clothes are pretty expensive even in the clearance and the quality has gone down over the years.

Not sure I like any of Renee's things, far too similar now to Antthony and Nina Leonard - those garish, hideous prints. Mind you, Kim is going the same way if her recent items are anything to go by.



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Delaying cleaning the french windows I thought I’d scroll the trouser stock. Wow! There are some shockers, not helped by chronic footwear and ungainly poses and a lot one star rating.
Now model, stand with your hands in the pockets and clench your fists, that will really sell them!



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