Attitude By Renee TSV 28/01/20


Women with Control Reversible Tummy Control Stretch Denim Trouser




QVC Price £54.00
Todays Special Value Price £41.98
P&P £3.95

These denim trousers from Women with Control feature an innovative reversible design, a comfortable stretch fit and built-in tummy control panels. No matter the occasion, these uber-flattering trousers will prove to be a chic option, and with double the styling potential, the outfit possibilities are endless.

Twice as nice - wherever your day takes you, these reversible trousers will never leave you short of a stylish option. One side boasts an on-trend print that is beautiful worn with a plain white T-shirt for a timeless everyday style, on the other is a solid colour denim that will pair well with a statement top for a fun evening outfit - just turn them inside-out whenever you want to change your look.

Curve confidence - with Women with Control's signature Blu-Tech Control System across the tummy area, these trousers will help to give you hold and support exactly where you want it. Offering a smoother look, you'll be able to take on the day while feeling confident and looking fabulous.

Pick your pair - whether you prefer a splash of colour or a classic neutral, these trousers come in a design to suit every taste. For a shade that'll go with everything, try Black with its on-trend crocodile reverse, Indigo paired with animal print or Smoke and its statement geometric print. If you're after a brighter look, go for Midwash and its Aztec reverse or Chianti paired with paisley.

Outer: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
Inner: 84% nylon, 16% elastane
Machine washable at 30C

Colour options:



I don't belong here...
Blimey! These (different patterns) were a TSV in June 2018 at £31.98 a pair so that's a bit of a price hike!


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Yes and the last time they were demo'ed it was suggested you could wear them during the day and then reverse them to go out in the evening. Not something I would do - a bit grubby (and smelly) methinks.


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Yes and the last time they were demo'ed it was suggested you could wear them during the day and then reverse them to go out in the evening. Not something I would do - a bit grubby (and smelly) methinks.
I think you just said what a lot of us were thinking Brissles!

Dream Girl

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Oh it your going out and your child grabs your trouser leg with grubby fingers just sponge off the grubby finger marks nip to the loo, reverse them and out you go.

Sorry Renee if your taking off your pants at home then why the flipping heck would you not jolly well put on a clean pair and stick these dirty ones in the washing basket. I certainly wouldn’t have the grubby marks turned in on my legs or even the sponged wet patch.

Surely creating a selling ups that’s not required.


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I remember many (many) years ago, IW had a sleeveless maxi chiffon dress that could be reversed, there were a choice of options, and I actually bought one. Actually it was good idea, just like wearing a lined dress, then it could be flipped over with a different print showing.

A reversible dress however, is a bit different to reversible leggings (that come between the legs), and for me its no different than putting your knickers on inside out. Sorry.


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The way she constantly touches the models & refers to 'the girls' gives me the creeps.
Oh me too! Me too! How ironic that her “attitude” as well as those reversible trousers after a days wear, just stinks...........Reversible trouser? It’s just wrong. :RpS_lol:


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Some of the upper sizes in Tall are on waitlist; would anyone risk a returned pair..?


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her clothes have gone up a lot very very expensive for what they are

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