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Politricks and QVC aside there have been Transgender since the millennium. Its nothing new.
Exactly. Just that nowadays people feel inclined to bellow it from the rooftops.
I think the majority of us really don’t give a toss about how people choose to live their lives, just get on with it and stop trying to make an issue out of everything.
That just results in alienating more people?
The difference now is that women’s rights have been sidelined for it and the predatory opportunists that have tagged along.
Just look at Scotland..
They’ve completely lost the plot.

Wales is trying to push it through, too. They want to become the world's friendliest country to LGBTQ blah blah blah. Why? Why do you need that title? The UK is up there with the most tolerant countries in the world already of whatever someone is/identifies as despite what the trans groups are saying.

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