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SCW do you mean Air Curler or Hair Curler? Daft question but thinking about it Babylis do the Hair Curler which I already have. Mine is OK, but quite heavy and no longer works that well either. I am always on the market for a better curling product.


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It might be this?


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It might be this?
Ah, it could be Akimbo. Was hoping for a more hair curling implement as I have something quite similar and it can be tricky to use without burning myself, even though it does come with a glove. Will watch and see anyway.


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It might be a new product, maybe to rival the Dyson gizmo? There wasn't an "Air Curler" just that "Air Style" on their website.

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Conair is the same company (I think - the US bit). They have a new curler that's rechargeable and looks a bit sleeker than their old big curler thingy.


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Don't do curlers but that £250 pair of cordless straighteners look amaaaaazing. Time to start saving.


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Don't do curlers but that £250 pair of cordless straighteners look amaaaaazing. Time to start saving.

I've never had luck with anything Babyliss and much as I'd love a cordless set, they'd never cope with my hair. Even GHDs didn't do the job.

I've got the original Steampod, had it several years now and looked after it very carefully (distilled water, making sure I don't forget to switch it off, clean the plates etc.), so my excitement when I had an email this morning saying Steampod 3.0 is out had my heart fluttering.

Oh yeah, it certainly fluttered when I saw the price tag of £235! What the hell? I know they've done away with the tank and incorporated it into the body itself but other brands have done that (I tried a few versions and got fed up REALLY quickly of the constantly topping up the tank, the dribbles and the fact that they weren't strong enough to cope with my hair).

The 2.0 is around the £135 mark at the mo so I think I'd rather save myself £100 (and possible disappointment at a great tool not so great anymore). I can't currently afford it so I'm hoping it'll still be available in a few months after the Christmas overspend has been dealt with!

On a happy note the cordless have dropped to £200 now.


BaByliss Easy Air Curler 2111U
Item Number: 402711
QVC Price £78.00
Todays Special Value Price £59.96
P&P £1.95

The brand new Curl Styler from Babyliss is an innovative hair styling tool, developed to help you easily create long-lasting curls and featuring a split barrel design that uses both heated ceramic plates and cool air to ensure a smooth, shiny finish that holds. In a stunning rose gold-tone finish, discover your secret to glossy, curled locks with the help of this fabulous Babyliss styler.

Let's get to work - the heated ceramic plates smooth the hair while the large outer barrel gently releases cool air, instantly setting the curl for longer lasting results.

It's so simple - to get that coveted curled look, simply place a strand of hair between the heated plates and rotate 180 degrees as you slide down the hair to create the perfect curl.

Three is the magic number - choose between three heat settings to suit your hair type. Go for the first setting if you have delicate, fine or coloured hair, the second if you have normal-textured hair, and the third for thick, wavy hair.

Gorgeous details - in sleek black with on-trend rose gold-tone accents, this hair styler would make a fabulous addition to your dressing table, or the perfect gift for a best friend or sister. Just in time for the party season, too!

Heats up to 200C
Three heat settings: 160C, 180C and 200C
Quartz-ceramic plates
36mm split round barrel
Cool air outlet
Release button
Auto shut off
LED indicator light
Swivel cord length: 2.5m (8' 2")


1 x Curl Styler
1 x heat mat

How to use:

Ensure hair is dry and combed through to remove any tangles. Divide the hair into sections ready for styling
Press and hold the on/off button for 1-2 seconds to turn the styler on. The appliance is automatically set to the medium heat setting (II). The lowest heat indicator light will remain solid, while the medium heat and the cool-air function indicator lights will flash
The cool-air function will automatically activate once the selected temperature setting has been reached and the indicator lights remain solid. Please note it can take up to a minute to activate
To select a heat setting suitable for your hair type, press the on/off button until the desired heat setting is selected. The indicator light will flash until the selected temperature has been reached
Separate a section of hair. The curl result will depend on the size of the hair section. Smaller sections will give a tighter curl effect, whilst larger sections will create a looser curl effect
Press and hold the button marked 'OPEN' to open the plates. Take a section of hair and place between the plates, roughly 2 inches from the roots
Release the plates by letting go of the ‘OPEN’ button
Holding the styler handle in one hand and the cool tips in the other, turn the styler 180° back on itself so that the hair is wrapped once around the outside of the styler
Slowly glide the styler along the length of the hair from root to tip in a downward motion
Release the styler from the hair. The cool-air outlet instantly sets the curl.
Repeat for each section of hair
After use, press and hold the on/off button for 1-2 seconds to switch off and unplug the styler
Allow the appliance to cool before storing away

All measurements are approximate


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It’s apparently sold out. Maybe people have realised the Dyson one is way overpriced for what it does and that they can get just as good a result from this one.

I don’t want wavy hair and so this and the Dyson wave thing are off my radar.


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Well I have gone wild and ordered it. It had better work or it will be going back.

I was only able to have a quick glance at it at 9 pm, so I am glad I ordered it then seeing it has sold out and is now on advanced orders.

I would not have bought it but my Babyliss Curl Secret seems to have become a Babyliss No Curl Secret and it does not work that well anymore.


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I've also plunged in and bought it. I like BaByliss products, I use the rotating brush all the time, but l have found the earlier version is far more powerful than the recent model, so maybe like all things electrical, the wattage and voltage are being dumbed down.

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I would have bought it but for one thing. It’s not dual voltage (unless anyone knows different?).

This is really annoying as what’s the point of falling in love with it only to realise you can’t always take it on holiday with you? Same as the Babyliss Big Hair which I also love.

I wish they’d address this.


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Received it, and...………….. it works !!! does what it says on the tin, the curls/waves DO stay in, even after a nights sleep. So a definite keeper from me.

The one downside, you do have to read the instructions to understand the on/off controls.


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Received it, and...………….. it works !!! does what it says on the tin, the curls/waves DO stay in, even after a nights sleep. So a definite keeper from me.

The one downside, you do have to read the instructions to understand the on/off controls.
That is good to hear Brissles. Still waiting for mine, even though I ordered during the 9 pm presentation. It is coming via Royal Mail which will mean it may turn up before Christmas and it may not. Wish they would use Hermes for my deliveries, I always received them with 2 days.

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