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I am new to the Bare Escentual Eye shadows thought I would give this one a go as looked lovely and sparkly for nights out but it arrived today and it goes on matt nothing like shown on tv.. I was wondering if there is a knack to putting it on eg eye shadow primer or you need use their brush? Also got creases in it after 20 minutes i must be applying it wrong as gets such good reviews??


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Don't use BE myself, but Christopher Drummond. You need an eye primer for sure. Smashbox, Laura Geller both do them.

Tap excess shadow before applying and press onto the eyelid gently. Then blend well.

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I've heard SJ saying you get a better intensity when you wet the eyeshadow(make a paste) particulary when eyelining. As Donna has said an eye primer is essential - i also get good results when i use BE well rested or Bobbi Brown's bone eyeshadow as they both neutralise the lid giving you truer colour from your shadow-just remember always to work on a clean and dry lid. I'm wearing BE eyeshadow today - i had forgotton how lovely they are:happy: Good Luck


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aw no I received that kit yesterday and I bought it for the sparkle.Was gonna wait until the weekend to try it.hope it is as sparkly as it seemed on camera:clock:


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always use a primer or at very least a powder to blot away shine or oil.i have non fat candy which looks like this one.but more do what are called glimpses which are quite sheer anyway. but you can get a denser finish if you use an eyeshadow brush that is very dense and quite short. this holds the minerals and applies it quite thickly.
as someone has said wetting a brush and mixing with water creates a different look and is normally more sparkly.


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I ordered the box with loads of different colours in ages ago and I thought it was poo.
Tried them wet and dry to try and get the best out of them but either way I didnt rate them at all and it went back.

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Not my favorite brand of eyeshadows as I find them messy.Those small pots spill powder out as soom as I open them.My fav Bobbi Brown Long Wear cream eyeshaddow put on with their special brush
( otherwise it is difficult to dip a finger into the pot without getting under nails!) I stays put & doesn't crease.