Beauty Advent Calenders on QVC


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Boots currently have the Clarins one, Bare Minerals, Yankee, Sanctuary and a special edition one which includes Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome, Victor and Rolf, Ralph Lauren products, each calendar is included in some kind of offer, either 3 for 2 or 10% off. They`ll also be releasing their No7 one soon.


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I'm sure the description says a Cuvee product behind every door. Will hopefully find out soon. X

Didn't get the calendar in the end. Too many serums and piddly sizes. Bought the serum, neck and decolletage cream and the 24 hour mousse. I use the Caviar cream so will see if there is a lot of difference.


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The blurb about the Aldi Lacura Advent calendar:

The perfect luxury skincare gift with 24 individual Cuvée ampoule treatments, including products like Cuvée Royal Moisture Serum with a triple moisture complex and Cuvée Lift with firming Matrixyl® 3000. Plus, there's a special luxury treatment every 6th day. Beautifully packaged in a luxury gold calendar.
Please note: Maximum order of 2 per customer.
24 individual Cuvée treatments
A special treatment on every 6th day

It's sold out online, available in store from today.


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what i like with the aldi skincare so far is they dont have a lot of perfume which is a more serious consideration.


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Groupon have the Yankee calander for £29.99 and there is a further 10% off.


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I'm still waiting for QVC to get stock of the Decleor one for my advanced order - should be shipped this week.

QVC have cancelled my AO of the Decleor calendar. I was quite disappointed, but I purpose it has saved me quite a bit of money.

They have offered me a different collection (10 piece) for £45 instead, but I think I will decline it.

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