Beauty Loves TSV 21/02/20


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not a true repeat but similar that sold out very very fast previously
The shape is different, but it’s still battery powered. Their claim this morning that the battery lasts for months is misleading. The reviews on the previous model shows that that is not the case. The battery lasts for a couple of uses, if you’re lucky.

And, I hate to admit it, but I know this to be true because I bought the previous one and have to replace the battery at least once a week.


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Does it work ? (with batteries I mean)
It seems ok, which is why I didn’t send it back, but there is no way I got the results they get in the studio after using it for two minutes. My skin isn’t that bad though and I haven’t got many lines or wrinkles, but thereagain neither do the models. Call me sceptical, but it makes me wonder if the on screen results are down to the angle of the filming or the lighting. :unsure:


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i agree it’s infuriating but in places like Syria I don’t think women have the same protections or education as here. They probably have to do as they are told by men.
In the UK there is no excuse except the welfare state as it has become means some people don’t even have to give a thought as to how or who is going to support children.
Sorry, When I said 'people here' I meant 'here' as in UK. Agree it's harder in countries with patriarchy is the norm.

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