Beauty Pick of the Month with Free P&P


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But will it have free P&P?

I'm sick to the back teeth of seeing that Ojon presentation every time I flick to the Beauty Channel.
The original formula 474ml bottles of Revitalizing Mist have also had free P&P. They are £15 cheaper than the CCO at Cheshire Oaks too!
Try Kiehl's Midnight Recovery concentrate. £36 for 30ml. The Sarah Chapman version is over £40 for 15ml. I've been using Kiehl's for about 4 months now and am only a third of the way through the bottle. My skin actually does look better in the morning.
any idea what`s going on at 7pm tonight with sarah chapman ?any EZ payment?
Heads up for May, heard Alison say product of the month then is going to be Ultrasun Factor 50.
Would have been nice on EP. It's quite expensive!
According to AY on the item video it she say's it's on 4pay and free postage for the beauty pick of the month.
Rather tempted again as coming to the end of one I've had ages.

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