Beauty Pie????


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I’ve seen on Instagram that Beauty Pie have launched a new annual membership, Beauty Pie Plus, for a £59 annual subscription. There are a few discount codes lurking that get the price down to £49.

I’m umming and ahhing as that’s a fair whack of cash, but then if I forego a Beauty Advent Calendar, it’s affordable.

I haven’t really bothered much with beauty from QVC lately. I’m now more likely to purchase bits and pieces from Aldi or the occasional £10 Tuesday bargain from Boots.

Does anyone here have a subscription, and if so, what are your thoughts?


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Never used them. But, reading Caroline Hirons' Facebook Group loads love Beauty Pie. Now, the problem is products can be out of stock for quite a while. So if you find products you love and then go to order they could be out of stock for ages.