Ben de Lisi TSV 06/02/24


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I think he was wearing the TSV at the Norman Wisdom comparison. They showed a little blue Jacket in the hour but for some pointless reason it had highly decorated lining that nobody will see but added a good £20 -£30 onto how much the jacket was worth. It was £75 & postage and Alex K said that doesn't look like a £75 jacket there. I presume she was implying that it looked more expensive as opposed to less, but what is a £75 jacket supposed to look like? Not a polyester/viscose/elastin mash up I wouldn't think. Nothing beats this awful monstrosity of an outfit. View attachment 27704This get up is from Monsoon, $hitty green colour, half mast trews and borderline camel toe...what's not to love?!
🤮 yuk,too many camel toes on Q just lately. Not to mention half mast trousers🤦🏼‍♀️
Here we go Ben - This little beauty is from Sainsbury's it's 100% cotton and costs £15 it comes in all the colours that you offer. For the tsv price you could get yourself 2, for full price you can buy 3 and have £7 change and yes postage is per order. A bit of a no brainer really! In fact when I checked again the blue striped one was only £10.50!


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Marks and Spencer also do a lovely striped shirt. 73% cotton, poly and 4% elastane. Great length, £15. No p and p if you collect. I do like the Ben de Lisi shirt but overpriced imo and wouldn't order it, plenty other's, much better priced.

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