Biagi at it again


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Simon is one of the few presenters that I can watch for more than a few mins, I only have the tv on as background noise, I very seldom take much notice of what they are rambling on about. We can't all like the same people. I could name quite a few that I switch off as soon as they appear...
I can’t watch any of them but that is partly as they no longer sell anything I’m interested in and I couldn’t watch them just for the sake of watching. Perhaps if the groundhog shows changed I might grit my teeth and watch those that interest me but somehow I doubt that is going to happen.
I don’t mind Simon when he’s presenting on his own, calm, factual and normal volume he is quite charming. Give him another presenter and/or a guest and he starts shouting, cheesy disingenuous facial expressions and his annoying sayings.
& don't forget his stupid fake questions that he & everyone knows the answer to he also says things like heavy but not too heavy dark but not too dark long but not too long hard but not too hard soft but not too soft and and and and and rising in decibels also has he EVER sold an item in his selly/telly career without mentioning 60day money back guarantee he is so fake & disingenuous

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