Bid is back


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Bid is back - not next year, not even next month but later this month. Friday 27th November the website goes live.

Seems rather late in the year to be launching missing a big chunk of the Christmas trade.

And for those who haven't seen the other threads they will be doing FREE P&P on all orders
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Free p&p good idea but no tactic tricks bidtv, people are not stupid. DO NOT have those awful shop at bid graphics. Hire john scott, obviously rocksandco don't want him there.


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I think they may have sensibly tried to avoid the Christmas rush and starting slow and careful not going to fast and build the brand again. Trying to get a new channel going and ensuring Christmas delivery etc was not the way to go, seems a sensible approach they are taking.


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Will Bid be moved out of the graveyard section on here now and will it be renamed Bid tv? Graham?

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