Bid Media puts new Freeview slot up for sale


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A new Freeview EPG slot has been put up for grabs with the aim of getting a channel on air as early as October.

The 24-hour Multiplex A channel has been created through the release of additional capacity, and airtime broker Bid Media is handling the sale based on a three-year contract. The current owner of the slot is not known.

DTT management company DMOL will decide where the channel sits on the EPG, with channel 53 thought to be a likely slot.

It is understood that the plan is for a quick, transparent and streamlined sale process, and that Bid Media is seeking expressions of interest in the next few weeks, with a view to kicking off full negotiations soon afterwards.

Sources indicated that the slot could fetch around £7m. The purchaser could choose to air a 24-hour channel or sub-lease some of the capacity to a third party.

Bid Media founder Jamie Martin confirmed the plan: “Capacity on Freeview is such a scarce commodity that we are thrilled to be able to sell a full 24-hour stream.

Digital switchover is around the corner and this stream will allow the broadcaster to join the DTT platform at the point it fully matures.”

Bid Media director Chris Parsons is handling the sale.

In the most recent Freeview deal, Scripps-owned Food Network took a 6pm-10pm daily block on channel 49. And UKTV added another channel to the Freeview platform this month, replacing Dave Ja Vu with Really

This is good news :cool:

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