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I still have & use the PreZerve jewellery folders, the fabric ones full of little individual compartments for all the jewellery l bought.
I've got a preserve jewellery box, but it's not on my account 'cause my mum bought it for me for a birthday present..It's been brilliant. However the ring that started this whole thread off survived with no ill effects behind the computer table for God knows how many years. It's safely in the jewellery box now!
I think Q fell under the radar for a good few years in regard to their p&p because the sit up channels used to charge £7.99 per order, when they went I think people realised that even though Q's charges were less- per order it mounted up ,and actually could work out even more expensive that the sit ups ever were. Of course nowadays online shopping has boomed and is much more competitive and it's usually a wiser decision to shop elsewhere. Looking at my statement, there's only a few bits that I'm actually embarrassed about. I paid £65 for a Kim dress, that I ended up discarding because it trailed the ground and got spoiled, and a handbag, yes it was leather but it cost me £40, and it's the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life! Anyway I love to talk about Q, I haven't bought anything for months and I intend for it to stay that way...but if I see something that's a bargain and I love it (doubtful) I'll buy it!
I have a pair of Birkenstocks on today which were a TSV & bought another pair, great.I unearthed a toe nail clipper the other week still in it’s original packaging and decided to give it a try after I had spent £35 to have my toenails cut, it was easy and efficient a good result.
I seem to have missed how to request this. Apologies. Do you do it via their online email contact form? Thank you
Yes just fill in the online form and tell them you'd like to see a record of all your purchases. It's been so much fun, and I recommend it. I only did it 'cause I found a ring I'd bought some years ago behind the computer table and wondered what it was, and how much it cost me...turns out it was dirt cheap but it's lovely, so now I know. I've only been going since 2002 and have wasted quite a bit of money especially on P&P but mostly my purchases have been sound, with the odd slip up here and there. It's a different world now and you can find much better deals, hence why I rarely shop with Q these days!
What an entertaining thread! I used to spend about £50 a month at one time (about 15 years ago), sometimes more. Bought quite a few Tingnanello bags which are still in use. The other purchases were mainly Molton Brown, LE and Yankee Candles. Never bought any jewellery apart from one Lola Rose heart shaped pendant which is still going strong. Don't think I bought any clothes either, just a few pair of trainers which were well worn, and one pair of Clarks sandals. Since 2017, I've only bought the annual LE Superskin TSV.
I've bought heaps of jewellery from them in the past, pretty much all of it junk, I got rid of much of it when I had a huge cull earlier in the year. The good stuff which is in my preserve jewellery box, the few junk bits I kept (mainly for festival use) is in a small container. I've come to realise that I'm not a fan of "statement jewellery" especially necklaces. I now stick to wearing a dainty sterling silver heart with diamonds and a small purple stone (cz) and matching earrings, it's a really pretty set and just adds a little interest - that's all I need really! So not tempted by any lola Rose, or RL stuff any more!
I was much more easily tempted back then, not so much now. I'd like to say that it's saved me a lot of money, but I shop quite a lot elsewhere but at least I'm never gonna chalk up nearly a grand in p&p with other companies!
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Funny, I was wearing a ring I bought from Q years back on Saturday. I remember it was in clearance(back then you did get excellent deals), it is white 9ct with a large yellow beryl and two smaller aquamarines. The yellow beryl is round and the aquamarines trillion cut. But what I remember most is someone asking me it was a yellow diamond? I have other earrings and rings bought still going strong all these years later.

On their Facebook someone was complaining how the Diamonique jewellery has really dropped in quality. Any I have even silver as well as 14ct white gold all still perfect.
My first Eek piece was a 14k white gold ring with 3 small stones, I wanted it to look authentic! I got it out the other day and I could wear it everyday, it looks good.
Since last year I’ve only worn Eek to cope with all the hand sanitizers (lord knows what is in some of them - paint stripper?)
Today it is a pear shaped solitaire and a friendship bracelet.
All this talk about eek, reminded me that I'd bought a pair of earrings back in the early days, but I couldn't find it on my statement. I suddenly remembered that I used to buy a lot of SHOP! and they were from there. They called their version Dimanti - anyone remember shop!? I was gutted when they went, and only started using Q after that.
Watching luxury jewellery show at present.

They have a necklace and earrings set £7,000 reduced from £9000.

Forgetting about quality and value for now - where in this day and age would you wear something like this? Even in Eek it’s too red carpet for normal lives . I like a bit of bling and statement pieces but this is just a bit too 1950 Hollywood .

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