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We've probably all done it, instead of turning over or if theres nothing else on (amazingly this happens even though we have dozens and dozens of channels now), we all at some point end up watching an hour or two of QVC when we have absolutely no interest in the range/products being shown.

For me its Gardening, I live in a flat, yet I will, if bored/lazy, sit and watch it! I'll even be thinking, mmm I could do with that grabber thingy to pick up leaves etc etc, bearing in mind I dont have a garden to have leaves piling up in!

So how about you guys, what your favourite boredom show(s)? :thinking:
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Good question usually the food programmes. There is no way i would buy food from the tv but i do like watching and listening to the presenters going completely over the top and searching for as many adjectives they can think of to describe a chocolate truffle.

I find the candle programmes amusing for the same reasons.


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I find the candle programmes amusing for the same reasons.[/QUOTE]

yep candles is a good one, only so much you can say about them, yet they seem to strangely have you watching the whole show, i'm sure its the flickering flames that do it! :cheeky:


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Cooking - I can't even master the toaster so why I sit there thinking an electric grill pan or block of knives would be handy heaven knows :giggle:


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Thought of more, DIY. And its becoming the same for Northern Shites. How many different ways can you be shown how to prepare a bed :wonder:

Its all too often that I sit with the sound off anyway, like now rather than listening to the wonders of the Mr Christmas set of 2 Musical Snow Globe Ornaments.:confused::


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Northern shites/any one of the bedding ranges they do
candle hours
electrical stuff
christmas musical stuff i.e. today's TSV


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The only times I ever don't watch QVC are when Neighbours or, more recently, Strictly Come Dancing is on :blush: When I turn my telly off at night, I always make sure it's on QVC ready for when I turn it back on in the morning! And even if I'm not actually watching, it's still on in the background.

So my "boredom shows" pretty much span the entire QVC TV Guide, but especially Northern Nights (usually inspires me to go to bed, regardless of the time of day!), fashion (even though I'd never even consider buying any of it 'cause a: it's hideous, and b: none of it would ever fit me), and kitchen shows (even though I find myself cringing when demosntrations go wrong).


Any of it, really :smirk:

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ANYTHING to do with Christmas in October, and Dawn B & her crafting mates at any time of year!

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