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Did anyone see this mornings 'deal of the day' ?

Having posted the other day praising TJC and their lovely Flourite pieces I couldn't believe this mornings auction, poor Emma spent a whole hour trying to sell a Tanzanite pendant in a choice of silver platinum or gold overlay.

It was an OK piece at a reasonable price but I thought the group auction was supposed to speed things up, not so it seems. I felt so sorry for her she struggled on and on with it for 60 minutes, it could well have been longer but I had to leave for work at 0900! There are only so many ways you can describe it's colour, how 'rare' it is, when the mine will run out and pad the auction out with VT's etc.

I was getting ready for work so wasn't really watching it but if I had I'd certainly have switched channels after 20 or 30 minutes that's enough of time for most people to decide if they want to buy it or not, come on TJC please sort it out its so boring !

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