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i purchased a ring from the rocks and co one collection for £2799, and recall the sales pitch they stated on all expensive items that you should have the items valued because it will give you the confidence that you would be getting a great bargin. However it has taken me 12 months to get round to having a valuation undertaken and instead of finding l really did get a great deal l find that the item was valued for hundreds of pounds less than l paid.

i was very disappointed because it is generally accepted that insurance quotes are generous, this coupled with the fact that the price of gold and columbian emeralds has continued to climb over the last 12 months l believe means the piece of jewellery could not have been worth anywhere near what l paid for it, l contacted rocks and co and the only response l received simply stated that jewellery prices can fluctuate?

Needless to say l won't be buying from them or any other online / tv jewellery seller again and my recommendation is that you buy from a high street store.


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But do you love it michelle? Apart from the spiel at the time, did you love it enough to buy it or for investment? I hope you love it and enjoy wearing it without feeling you have been diddled. Prices do fluctuate and it took you a year to check it so did you wear it for the year loving it. Hundreds less is better than thousands. Best wishes.

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