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Had a call from an IW rep yesterday about an order I'd made to ask whether it had arrived in good time and whether I was happy with the quality.As it so happened ,it had arrived quickly and the quality was fine.By the time I'd got over the surprise,she'd rung off,otherwise I'd have made some comments on another order---a chunky cardigan---where the side seams were out of alignment by half an inch on each side and there was a hole in the back! Needless to say,that one went back. However,maybe there's some hope that Customer Services may be trying to improve a bit---there's plenty of scope. Incidentally,the rep was obviously from the U.K.---has CS been moved back from India? I know that there was talk that this was going to happen.


I hope so, the odd time I've seen something I would of bought from IW the indian call centre and appalling CS has put me off

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