Can I have a rant please Bob?


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Jun 24, 2008
Although this was written on Facebook, the rant's not about facebook as such, but it does act as a platform for people to splash their thoughtless and misguided nonsense...This was posted by an absolutely lovely lady I work with, and it's followed by many a "well said Babe" "spot on" etc etc...but is it me? But I think it's far from "spot on" and is wrong on many levels! Here we go......

As we grow older, we slowly realise that wearing a £300 or a £30 watch, they both tell the same time.

Whether we carry a £300 or a £3 wallet, the money inside is the same. Whether we drink a bottle of £300 champagne or £6 wine, the hangover is the same.

Whether the house we live in is 300 or 3000 sq-ft, loneliness is the same. Whether you drive a £1,000 banger or a £80,000 Benz, they both serve the same purpose.

You will realise, your happiness does not come from the material things of this world. It comes from spending our short time here living and laughing with the ones we love.

Stay humble, we all end up in the same sized hole in the ground ☮️💟

Before I start I agree entirely with the final sentence - Nowt wrong with a bit of humility but the rest? Does she not imply that if you like spending, or have enough money to buy luxury goods that you don't care about people? Let me tell you that this lady drives a pretty decent car, as does her daughter who's sporting personalised number plates that her mum just bought her, she's taking two long haul holidays this year alone (carribbean/New York). Lonlieness? She has a very large, very close knit and very happy family and failing disaster isn't that likely to experience what that feels like any time soon!
Someone who doesn't have friends and family nearby, or at all, one will probably find that their bits n' bobs are their only comfort, and if they're expensive bit's n' bobs - does that make them a bad person? - I'd say, most definitely not!
As I've grown older, I actually would rather spend money, now I've got a bit on better quality material goods, doesn't mean I don't appreciate my loved ones.
I think this post could be quite hurtful to some if I'm honest, eg, another work colleague is estranged from both her son and daughter through no fault of her own, is in a complicated and unenviable relationship. She spends much of her money on designer bags, holidays abroad, high end fragrances etc etc, but I know she'd be happier with a primark bag, a week in Skegness if it meant she could reconnect with her kids....but this is the real world, not some fairy tale in which a genie offers her the love of her family in return for all her designer bags and stuff!! These are not choices one has to make! Feel free to post this sort of stuff against the person who saved their Ipad in a house fire before she tried to save their family...but thankfully most people aren't like that!! In fact I'd imagine that a lot of people would put any human life before (ie a stranger) before they thought about saving "stuff"!

This post is not the first time in life I've come across such thoughtless dross.. Some years back I met up with an old friend, her daughter and my son were once classmates until she moved away. I bumped into her a few years on and she invited me over, since I last saw her she'd popped another couple of kids at her house she was doing some nature project with them and as she did she told me life isn't about material things and gadgets it's about family (knowing I love my gadgets, as she lovingly used to call me the shopping channel queen)...Did she not realise that because I hadn't yet added to my family, that I only cared about the material things in life? Why can't people just express their love and gratitude for their family and friends without having to make comparisons? It's not difficult to say...Oh I'm so happy without slating other people's life choices, or lives they're living because they don't have a choice?

Rant over...thanks for listening! xx
I saw this earlier today on FB. I ignored it as it's one of those silly posts that gets shared on FB without many people actually putting much thought into it.
I saw this earlier today on FB. I ignored it as it's one of those silly posts that gets shared on FB without many people actually putting much thought into it.

I thought these were her own words, cause she'd posted it alongside another "meme" that basically told you to appreciate your loved ones whilst we can...In a way this has made me feel a little bit better,as at worst I can just see this post is "lazy"...I think maybe if you were actually writing something from your own heart so to speak, you'd probably give it a bit more thought as to the possible upset and offence it might cause others!
This looks like the usual cut and paste shizzle, I'm afraid. It betrays a lack of originality, and lack of any deep thinking.

On a basic level, we are all free to make choices, even if the choices we can make are how we think about the things which are within our reach vs the things which are not - either physically, morally, emotionally, mentally or financially. Everyone's choices are different. They choose what works for them. You cannot compare or judge other people's choices when you have no idea what the journey was that led to the choice.

It's a shame if people can only feel good about themselves by making others feel bad.
I have friends who insist on sharing rubbish on Facebook, I just hit hide post or see no more from X. I have put friends on ignoring for 30 days for the crap they seem to share endlessly! The private messaging of sharing this heart or whatever to support whatever also gets deleted there and then.

I actually put my cousin on ignoring for 30 days as it was annoying the hell out of me with the God Loves you type rubbish. I am sure others did like these, not me. Oh, and do not get me started on the Elvis loving friend. She belongs to a number of fan clubs and yes been to Graceland numerous times. But the endless videos she shares or another share with her which then pop up on my timeline is unbelievable!

That is my rant over.
It's nice to get it off your chest isn't it Donna..I had a work colleague as a fb friend and every day she posted a load of mystical crap...I ended up unfriending her, funny cos at work, she was a pretty ok person to chat to..Anyway in this case I'm kinda relieved that this turned out to be a load of copy and paste BS, and this person hasn't actually taken real time to compose this dollop of crap, cause then she might have given a bit more thought to what she was writing! All I can say is I'd rather have a hangover caused my decent champers to that of one caused by cheap cider from the corner shop, whether or not I lived alone or with others, I soon all mod cons and a bit of luxury, I've worked hard all my life, so why not? Be kind and thoughtful to others including yourself and you can't go wrong!
I am SO glad I have never felt the need to sign up with Facebook (well I did once when FB first arrived - rejected my e-mail twice, so didn’t bother again) ..

I appreciate people like to link up with others but the grief, hostility etc directed towards some is unjustified ..
I turn off notifications for everyone except the craft related groups I belong to. That way I one get to see the posts I want to. Every now and then I go to my 'Friends' list, click on new posts and quickly scroll through them just in case there's something important there.
Horses for courses I guess, It was intruiging at first, and to be fair because of FB I have reconnected with some old friends I probably would have stayed out of touch with, so I'm thankful for that.It's also good to be able to private message people to make arrangements/announcements etc, though a lot of people make their announcements, happy, sad, proud, cryptic right out there for all to see. That's not me at all, I like to keep myself to myself and if I need to contact anyone, I'll do it privately and only to those persons I wish to disclose that information to. I rarely post at all if I'm honest, and if I do, I do make sure it's something upbeat and humourous, not some of the vulgar, maudlin, sentimental crap that's bandied around so much, and don't get me started on the passive/aggressive slactivist diatribes. If I want to say hi, hope you're having a nice day to a friend, and I'm not likely to see them, I'll send them a personal message, not send them "a flashing glittery picture of a bunch of roses" and tell them to copy and paste them and send them to 10 other people!

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