Cancel culture!


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Yep, me again moaning! As some of you know I am partial to a classical music concert on a Sunday afternoon, tickets are cheap as chips (well the tickets I buy are) Restricted view, but then I usually get away with shifting to a better seat that's not being occupied. Yesterday I went to a "celebration of Tchaikovsky" which took the form of a modern day interview with an actor playing the part and Sally Taylor of Meridian tv fame being the interviewer. It didn't really work and would've been much better with a simple narrator telling his story, they tried to inject a little humour but again that didn't work. The first half was pretty boring and was I was tempted not to go back for the second, but wanted to hear the nutcracker and 1812 overture. At the end of the concert, they announced "at this stage we would normally play the 1812 overture, but as it glorifies war, we feel that it has no place in a concert like this"...a big cheer went up. I stood up and walked out along with a few others! When is this going to end? How bloody ridiculous! It's a banging piece of music that has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine!