Can't Gemporia Pay Its Staff?


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I think that everyone has noticed that certain presenters don't exactly dress or act the part when trying to convince viewers to spend potentially hundreds of pounds on jewellery.

Well, Jake Thompson is on with Hattie doing some lockdown related thing. The most exciting part is Jake standing in front of the camera wearibg a shirt that must be a good two sizes too small for him.

It's not a great look. Jake isn't a slim guy. He looks like he could rival Adina in the bosom dept. The shirt is straining to stay buttoned, and I don't think it is where he's tucked it into his trousers. And Jake isn't wearing anything under this shirt. I am glad that I decided to have a late lunch, because I don't feel hungry now.

Jake introduced himself by telling the viewers that he is the senior gem buyer for Gemporia. I would be thinking that if this is how a senior staff member dresses to go on the telly, then how professional can this company really be?


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Oh dear, the shirt is too small and a gap showing his stomach too.

Who ate all the pies, looks like Jake did.:sick:


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Jake's back on with Hattie, and he's wearing another shirt that's far too small for him. Can't anybody at Gemporia have a quiet word with him? There's nothing wrong with being a bit chunky, but if you are and you dress like you're stick thin it makes you look way bigger than you are.

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