captain Tom has passed away


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He always said tomorrow will be a good day.
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What was so special and inspiring was that here was someone, not a sleb, going for a modest goal...which went viral and helped make a huge amount for the NHS in a short period of time. Just people whose hearts were touched by this unassuming, gritty, Yorkshireman who wanted to make a small contribution.
He showed us what was possible, even if you are elderly, not in perfect health, and with limited mobility. So many have been inspired in their own way. So many have taken comfort from seeing a thoroughly decent chap do so well long after the prime of his life. He also reminded us that while there are idiots out there, there are also quiet heroes ... obviously he rose to an occasion like no other, and took the attention in his stride without it swelling his head.
My condolences to his family. Both to his daughter who he lived with and maybe even more so to his daughter he didn't live with,who had to say her goodbyes on facetime😥
I see Cpt Tom`s funeral has been arranged for this coming Saturday. We usually share a bottle of wine of Saturdays, it`s our only day we have alcohol so I`ll raise my glass to Sir Tom.
I`m glad his family haven`t had to wait too long for his funeral, unlike a friend`s family.
Our friend passed away in her sleep on January 15th, she was 68 and hadn`t been ill. There`s had to be a PM to ascertain cause of death but even so her family can`t hold her funeral until March 15th, the earliest date available which is a wait of 2 months. They`re also limited to the number of people who can attend but it seems the funeral will be streamed online which is something many places are now offering. So I`ll have to say goodbye to her via the computer but we wouldn`t have been able to attend anyway. She lived is Essex and we live in the North West so we`d be travelling far outside our local area.

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