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My wife loves JM and there I was in front of the TV the other day when Carole came on the screen.

Like most of the girls at JM, Carole seems nice, bubbly and enthusiastic but have you ever heard anyone acdtually speak so quickly?? Her words often merge into each other (like Shaun Ryan at IW, only quicker!) and it's a bit difficult actually picking up what she's saying.

I sympathise with anyone taking dictation from her!


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I just can't listen to her. Ok, maybe she's a very nice person - can't dispute that - but sorry, she's not doing her job properly. She speaks SO quickly that she constantly chokes over her own tongue, and it is so difficult to follow. I want information given first and foremost, and in a 4 hour show there is no need to try and speak and the speed of light. What surprises me is that the owners of the channel think this is an effective presentation. Mind you, if they feel that the horrendous Vicki Carr and her babblings, screechings and bizarre gestures are acceptable i think it puts it into context. Don't know what I'll do when Lucy goes off on maternity leave - I feel she's one of the very few on the channel who manages to inject humour and intelligence into her presentation in equal measure, without having to massage her ego at the same time.


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I will miss Lucy too when she goes off but isn't it wonderful that they're having a little one! Carol does talk exceptionally fast and I have trouble keeping up with her too. I like her but she needs to slow down, maybe meditation could help her there as it may be due to nerves / adrenalin on camera. She did a little Rocks promo a year or two ago where she was on a sofa talking about herself and being a presenter, she was still wacky and humorous but she was able to talk much more slowly.


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Have seen her reports from China this week and you'd think it was a different person. Her presentations have been excellent - calm, measured, informative. So why on earth does she inflict the manic performances on us on JM? Between her and Vicki Carr (dear god, did you see her on the "Bond Day" on Thursday!!!!!!!!)they're managing to curtail my spending, though, so maybe it's a good thing!


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I like Carol a lot, she makes me laugh but VC drives me round the twist. The Bond thing was just totally embarrassing and I reckon she sees us as an udience of children. Simply awful! xxxxxxxxxx


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Totally agree Argey, VC is irritating in the extreme. I just can't watch her for more than a few minutes, the over exaggeration and fake belly laugh, yuck!

Inge xx

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