Chair Gym TSV 25/03/20


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I don't ever like her TSV's she makes really love sounding products but the specials are just not that special


Chair Gym Total Body Exercise System with Twister Seat & 5 DVDs TSV 25/03/20
Item Number: 402607
QVC Price £139.00
Todays Special Value Price £99.96
P&P £4.95
4 Easy Pays of £24.99

The Chair Gym is an easy-to-use fitness system that works to tone and strengthen your body to help support a healthy lifestyle, and comes complete with over 50 exercises, a twister seat to work out your core muscles, five workout DVDs and a seven-day meal plan. Improve your strength and flexibility with this compact system, which allows you to work out in the comfort of your own home.

Make it work for you - this compact system can be effortlessly folded and tucked away in your own home and pulled out whenever you want to use it. There'll be no more reasons to put off exercising, as you won't have to brave the rain or drive for miles to go the gym.

Save your legs - if you find standing for long periods of time challenging or have problems with your legs, this chair gym could be a real game-changer. In the comfort of a seat with your back safely supported, you can still achieve an effective work out without having to strain your legs, making it the perfect supplement to your exercise regime.

Your very own routine - curate a varied routine tailored to your personal needs with this clever chair gym, which boasts over 50 different exercises to help you target specific areas of your body that you'd like to work on. What's more, with the five DVDs included in this set, you'll be guided through each of the exercises so you can feel supported every step of the way along your fitness journey.

Work out what you want - thanks to the included resistance bands and twister seat, you can target specific parts of your body to help tone and stretch your muscles where you want to. The padded twister seat is designed to sit neatly on top of the chair to help you add twisting movements to your routine and work out your core. Meanwhile, the resistance bands with handles and ankle straps allow you to alternate between working out your arms and legs, offering you three different levels of resistance that you can adjust.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x chair gym
  • 1 x beginner, medium and advanced resistance bands
  • 1 x workout guide
  • 1 x twister seat
  • 1 x seven day meal plan
  • 5 x DVDs

Chair gym colour options:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Zebra

DVD contents:

  • DVD 1 (total = 1:05:00) - Set-up and Instructional = 5 minutes; Total Body Express Workout = 15 minutes; Total Body Workout = 45 minutes
  • DVD 2 - Chair Gym Chair Dance = 25.26 minutes
  • DVD 3 - Chair Gym Body Stance = 19.57 minutes
  • DVD 4 - Chair Gym Body Stretching = 25.07 minutes
  • DVD 5 (total = 1:20:00) - Chair Gym Core Balance/ Upper Body Workout/ Lower Body Workout/ Pilates Workout (20 minutes each section)



For whom the bells toll.
What happened to Madam Dabbs? I wonder? People staying at home, the hard skin isn't building as fast?


What happened to Madam Dabbs? I wonder? People staying at home, the hard skin isn't building as fast?
no-one fully knows but most likely it will be reschuled but explains why i couldnt find one

Surely they're not flogging this as they know lots of folk will be at home just now sitting about watching telly? They are, aren't they?

nah this was meant to be margaret dabbs so everything is subject to change as of now

Dame Fondacox

Active member
Well I really have seen it ALL now. If ever there was a piece of equipment destined to be folded away and spend it's lifetime under a bed or at the back of a store cupboard, that is IT.

As for Margaret Dabbs, maybe the travel restrictions meant she couldn't import the Emu oil she needs for her cruelty laden lotions and potions.


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Looks like a repeat of a previous TSV. For some who are unable to get out this may be very appealing as a TSV. I just wonder if the shows will also be a repeat?


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Her voice irritates me, so I have to switch off, and to see her massaging a models foot is not something I want to watch. Its just me.
I'm so glad you said that because feel the same. I know they're essential but I don't like feet unless they belong to a baby or a cat.


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Why do BA, or presenters for that matter, insist on telling us their favourite featured colour. The gym chair woman told us more than once she liked the zebra pattern, so what, I didn’t. Most of the time it’s done to push the least selling colour, in this case I can believe it.
They all would say anything for a sale and you are right the slow movers are suddenly “I’m luvvvving the xyz colour”

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