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The lace dress looks quite pretty, well, it would be if she hadn't shoved up the long sleeves to the elbow - clearly her rebellion in looking totally feminine.
Her wife's dress was stunning, Chloe's was pretty, but imvho more suited to a day at the races, or for a guest at a wedding as opposed to the bride. Nevertheless, they both looked lovely and very happy!


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It must be very difficult with 2 brides to decide on the look. Do they have matching meringues, one in a suit or dresses but completely different.
I watch Say Yes To The Dress and numerous same-sex couples over the years.

Usually one it taken elsewhere to try on and the family and friends see what each likes and gives opinion on whether they will match each other. Or some even don't care and just stay for the dress choosing.


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Actually looks like a shorts' jumpsuit to me. The way it dips slightly into her legs in the middle.

Still wearing boots.

I think you could be right about it being a jump suit, it looks a bit short for a dress. They both look lovely and happy.👍


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Well, there'd be something wrong if they didn't look happy at their wedding. Didn't see any blokes in the clip.
This pic also posted on Chloe’s Instagram today... x


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