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The only people whom I could imagine saying “elarstic” are those from Chelsea (although I don’t watch the programme.) To me, who says “elastic,” “elarstic” sounds affected to me.
I know people, including a Scot, who pronounce plastic as plah-stic / plar-stick... no great leap to welcome elastic to the fold of mispronounciation shame 🤡
You're right! People from the west of Scotland would say Plah stic, listen to Anne Dawson if she ever says it. Eastern Scots have a different accent.

I've heard Andy Peters make fun of a famous cook because she says 'pistarchio' nuts. But, Andy has a way of picking on people. (Another one on the list of people trying to sound 'educated' is June with her 'palarzzo' trousers.
And I bet he doesn't consider there will be words he doesn't pronounce correctly!
To an Italian the English pronunciation is incorrect...
Was it June from Frank Usher? - I can imagine her saying "elarstic". Love June, but I can't say the same about the clothes she represents, they're pretty ****** awful! Just seen that June has been mentioned by Grizelda, so not her then!
One of the fashion experts described the back of the waistband of a pair of trousers as being made comfy with 'elarstic'. Do people really say that?
Yes, I have heard that particular fashion expert say elarstic on a number of occasions. Never heard anyone say it like that before.

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