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I’ve been with ideal world since day one and the CC staff (foreign or not) have always been very courteous, respectful and friendly unlike QVC staff who have often been rude, offensive and even called me a liar once. The way IW flexi-pay works is if you miss a flexi pay they send an email to say they’ll come in again fourteen days later, if you miss again they call you to ask are there any problems. They only charge admin fees if you don’t pay for the third time. If the person writing this comment would’ve emailed IW asking for them to ring them they’d have rang that day or next, for example I bought one of those Tefal 5 Second Chopper for £7,99 £4.99 postage, I wanted to buy another and as they were on the verge of selling out (which they did) I paid the other £5 postage straight away. I then emailed IW to say could they refund one of the postage charges because £10 for two is a bit steep, even though £7.99 was already a great price, less than 12 hours later I got an email to say they understood, reimbursed my £5 then wished me a happy, healthy new year, would QVC ever do that? absolutely not and that’s one of the reasons why I continue to shop with IW.

I understand some people have bad service from IW, but I never QVC, that’s a different matter. :RpS_thumbdn:


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No Donna, 13p per minute but you never need to ring, unlike QVC they’re very good at answering queries on social media and will always answer quickly if you email them or ask them to ring you.

£3 plus would mean being on the phone for half an hour and it takes less than one minute (13p) to ask them to ring you back. QVC likes to say they’re “free phone” but as we all know they’re nothing of the kind, wether you ring or not you pay in the excessive postage charges were as IW you pay for your own call not everyone else’s and like I say, you don’t even have to do that xx


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I’ve never had a problem with anything that I’ve ordered from IW, but I never ring up to place an order because I always order online (through TCB) I’ve also never bought anything on flexi-pay, or their new open pay option and wouldn’t. I don’t use EP on QVC either.

The only time I needed to contact IW about an order, I emailed them,rather than ringing, and got a reply within hours, unlike QVC’s snail email responses.


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I read her complaint & found it very convoluted, she did seem to make life very difficult for herself.

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