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Whilst carrying out some research into another unrelated start up, I accidentally came across this article about a new shopping channel:

Manchester Evening News said:
Apr 25, 2014 05:30 By Shelina Begum:

Firm behind shopping channel move to MediaCityUK

Digital Media Television is the latest TV company to set up in MediaCityUK.

Lead by 22-year-old Nicole Addy, and business partner, entrepreneur Patrick Chaney, they have secured office space at The Landing where they will launch their 24-hour shopping channel from next month.

Addy said shopping channel is the first in its kind. The web based TV station can be streamed from all smart devices through an app. The channel will also allow young aspiring designers, entrepreneurs and retailers to showcase their products on live, global television, at a discounted rate.

Viewers from around the world can buy products through a shopping basket system, or by auction, depending on the seller’s preference. They also offer a same-day international shipping service and a host of experienced presenters to interview and showcase the products.

Concept Shopping gives all Business’s the opportunity to sell their products at their target market.

The website is totally integrated with social media to allow maximum coverage over an international community; and with a free personal app shoppers will be able to watch, bid and buy from anywhere.

Addy, who has dreamed of working in television all her life, said launching DMT combined her two favorite things; shopping for unique and lovingly made products and television.

She also wants to offer the opportunity for current students and graduates to get involved with the programme, so they can gain some vital experience.

“I would have loved the opportunity to get involved with something like this when I was a student, so I want to give students time presenting, or behind the cameras, anything to help get them the experience they need to get their dream job. I’m the perfect example of if you want something, work hard for it and you’ll achieve it.”

I was just wondering if anyone else had heard anything about this channel?

I went looking, but it seems the channel possibly never launched as... said:
26/05/2014 Miss N.D. Addy has left the board

Does seem like quite a shame if they weren't able to make that vision a reality. Giving people, particularly students, the chance to get hands on experience in shopping television sounds to me like a really good idea.

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