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Cook's Essentials 6-in-1 Chop & Spin Food Preperation Set
Item Number: 829561
QVC Price £36.00
Todays Special Value Price £19.98
P&P £2.95

Transform your kitchen into a hub of efficiency with this 6-in-1 Chop & Spin Food Preparation Set from Cook's Essentials. Containing a 4L bowl and multiple attachments, including a salad spinner, drainer, dicer, slicer and grater, this collection will become your go-to for prepping (and serving) vegetables, fruits and more. Whether you're crafting a quick lunch or a feast for the whole family, it will help you to dish up meals faster and easier. A kitchen must-have in our eyes!

Summer salad anyone? Hosting a barbeque or picnic? Impress your guests with a beautiful summer salad! They’ll think you’ve spent ages chopping… but it’s up to you whether you tell them your secret is this clever preparation set! Use it to spin lettuce, dice cucumbers, chop peppers, grate apples and so much more, plus keep it all in one bowl - mess free.

Choose your colour - the parts in this collection boast smoked plastic outers with coloured features on additional pieces and you can choose the colour! Go vibrant with Coral or Sky Blue, pick trendy Light Green or go for sleek and contemporary Grey.

  • Bowl/inner lid, blade conversion lid/handle: plastic; blades: stainless steel
  • Detachable push lever
  • Safety guard tool
  • Dishwasher safe (except for the pull spinner lid) and fridge safe
  • Most items can be stored in the bowl for easy storage
  • Salad spinner assembled (w x h): 25cm x 15cm (9.8" x 5.9")
  • Slicer/grater assembled (w x h): 27cm x 14.5cm (10.6" x 5.7")
  • Chopper/dicer assembled (w x h): 27cm x 15.5cm (10.6" x 6.1")
  • Bowl with lid assembled (w x h): 25cm x 11.8cm (9.8" x 4.6")

Colour options:

  • Coral
  • Grey
  • Light Green
  • Sky Blue


  • 1 x plastic bowl - with a 4L capacity
  • 1 x plastic spinner basket - for salad spinning/ingredient drying post washing
  • 1 x plastic insert lid - to be used when salad spinning
  • 1 x pull spinner lid - nylon pull cord for use with the salad spinning/ingredient drying function
  • 1 x slicing/dicing attachment lid - to be fitted when using for the cutting/slicing & dicing function
  • 1 x detachable push lever - to be used as a safe push level when using with the dicing blades
  • 1 x lid cover - to place on top of the plastic bowl when storing ingredients/finished salads etc.
  • 1 x safety guard tool - for holding vegetables and fruit when using with the slicing/cutting function
  • 1 x adaptor plastic blade holder insert - for placing into the slicing/dicing attachment lid so it can convert into a slicing mandolin
  • 1 x slicing blade cartridge - for fine mandolin slicing of vegetables - always use with the safety guard tool
  • 1 x fine grating blade cartridge - for fine grating/zesting
  • 1 x thick grating blade cartridge - for thicker grating e.g. apples, coleslaw ingredients
  • 1 x fine square chopper cartridge - for fine dicing
  • 1 x thick square chopper cartridge - for thicker dicing
  • 1 x unblocking scraper tool

Caution - this set contains sharp blades. Keep out of the reach of children. For adult use only.

All measurements are approximate

I'm quite tempted but would like to see proof that you can store all the bits inside the bowl, except for the extra lids. This is my problem with all of these sorts of things. If all the bits can't be kept together then they get 'misplaced' and I don't know which bits go with which other bits so they get shoved to the back of the cupboard never to be seen again.
I did buy it just a short time ago with Gail on the demo. I use a salad spinner a reasonable amount but the chopper set was a huge bonus as I like to do dauphinois potatoes and slicing them is a huge big bear of mine so having this added one is a bonus. In terms of storage I have a set of Whicker baskets that I bought nearly 30 years ago from Lakeland and they are fab for this kind of storage.
Supercoolwillow’s post says that most of the items can be stored inside the bowl and in the demo the top of the cutter was inverted and the bowl sat on it like a tray. So, it’s looking like it is all fairly neatly stackable.
My gammy hands make it harder and harder for me to chop and peel things and while my Ninja chops, it doesn't grate cheese or dice things. I have a lot of salads too in summer so I may just go and buy the green one. If I don't get on with it then it can go back as I've been quite good recently at returning things I've changed my mind on.

I haven't even taken mine out the box yet - better give it a test run at the weekend. Mr CC will be delighted that it's salad for sunday dinner (not!) 🐰🐰

Do not even think of buying this. It is useless and flimsy. I sent mine back this morning cost £5.89 to post it back to them. Never again will I buy anything cookware from QVC after this.

I thought it looked pretty poor when even Gail was struggling to chop quite a few different things with it when she was presenting the TSV.
I haven't even taken mine out the box yet - better give it a test run at the weekend. Mr CC will be delighted that it's salad for sunday dinner (not!) 🐰🐰


The reviews are not good for it either. That pull cord in the salad spinner part will not last very long - a few hand washes later and it will turn porous and just snap.

I have an IKEA salad spinner it’s basic but it does a great job. It rotates both ways. Last year it was £5.00 and this year it is £4.00.

If you are after a dedicated multi chopper have a look on Amazon the Fullstar multi chopper is the best bet at £14.99 and massively highly rated.
Actually I like mine and you get a lot for your money. OK it's basic and it's not heavy duty but I wanted it to dice peppers/tomatoes/cucumbers for salads as my hands can't deal with a knife anymore. Does a decent job. I can't see it making chips though as I think the stress of whacking a spud through those holes would have it broken in no time. I've still got my Ninja chopper for all the serious jobs.


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