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I think I may get one for my Mum for whenever she gets out of hospital. Although they are saying they may send her to Leeds Recovery Hub for a few weeks till she is back on her feet. (we are not keen she should go there at all, but until she can climb stairs they won't let her home and that will take a while yet. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it).

She lives with my brother and he wanted to put a stairlift in last year, but she wouldn't hear of it. Said that's for old folk. (she is 90 :D). Very stubborn lady my Mum. She would love such a snuggly duvet set. Well I have talked myself into it, she is getting one. Now..................... which colour I wonder.


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I love the cosy bedding, it makes such a difference when you've a cold house like me. I have the fleecy mattress topper, then the electric blanket, then the fleecy bedding and a furry blanket on top. i get to bed and all the dogs and cats in the street are in there 😺😸🐻🐺

I have a cold house as well. I’ve got a cotton bottom sheet on the bed at the moment but a CH sheet on top (with a thickish bedspread). This is my seasonal transition configuration!! Only a few days ago it was very warm but just tonight I’m thinking when I change the bed at the weekend, it will be ALL Cozee Home.


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:p :p He's sitting behind me and his chair's at an angle to mine. I have a feeling he can see every single thing I'm writing :LOL: I'll know if that's true when I go to the fridge for a last glass of wine and there's none 🍷



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I do actually sympathise. I said myself on another thread that I think I’ve been looking to material things to cheer me up and just make me feel good - not saying these are your reasons. At the moment, with other things that might make me happy (like going out, seeing friends) being restricted, I’m looking to purchases instead. I notice much of what I’ve been lingering over is comfort things, literally in the case of the fluffy, furry throws and blankets I’ve been dribbling over, but also more luxury items like perfumes and pampering products.
This definitely is me, at least I get to speak to the Hermes guy every day.😄

miss molly

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If you lot are tempted go for it CH is my winter must have. In fact put my set on Friday night as it went cold and felt lovely and warm. Ordered a new mattress the other day but it won't bliddy arrive until after Christmas may have to get this TSV :unsure: All the black friday and christmas offers are just around the corner as well. Going to be skint.


Cozee Home Dotty Crushed Velvet 4 Piece Duvet Set
P&P £4.95

Single QVC Price £54.00 Todays Special Value Price £39.00

Double QVC Price £63.00 Todays Special Value Price £48.00

King Size QVC Price £69.00 Todays Special Value Price £54.00

Super King Size QVC Price £75.00 Todays Special Value Price £60.00

This four-piece Crushed Velvet duvet set from Cozee Home features two pillow cases and a duvet cover that boast a Rosette Circle textured design on the front and a Velvetsoft reverse, which matches the fitted sheet. Whether you wish to update the master bedroom or revamp the guest room, this duvet set will instantly uplift your decor and add a cosy feel to your bed for a dreamy night's sleep.

Crushed Velvet - Cozee Home's short pile velvet fabric has been heat embossed to give a crushed look to the surface, which brushes the nap in different directions for a textured finish that offers both matte and shine.

Supreme comfort - the deluxe fabrication is perfect for chilly nights, keeping you warm and snug for a good night's sleep. What's more, it is fade-resistant and designed to remain soft to the touch, for long-lasting cosiness you'll love.

Make your choice - this fabulous set is available in five sophisticated hues, so the hardest part will be choosing! Opt for Juniper or Midnight Blue for a contemporary, jewel-tone look, or pick lustrous Shiraz Wine to enhance your space with a dash of delectable colour. If neutral is more your taste, Silver and Vintage Rose offer subtle elegance that will suit any decor to perfection.

Suits a busy lifestyle - as with all Cozee Home items, this duvet set is easy to care for. It is machine washable at 30 degrees, quick drying and best of all, it requires no ironing!

  • 100% polyester
  • Machine washable at 30C
Colour options:

  • Silver
  • Shiraz Wine
  • Vintage Rose
  • Juniper
  • Midnight Blue


  • 1 x duvet cover
  • 1 x fitted sheet
  • 2 x housewife pillowcases

Duvet cover:

  • Single: 135cm x 200cm (53" x 79")
  • Double: 200cm x 200cm (79" x 79")
  • King: 230cm x 220cm (91" x 87")
  • Super King: 260cm x 220cm (102" x 87")
Fitted sheet:

  • Single: 90cm x 190cm x 38cm (35" x 75" x 15")
  • Double: 135cm x 190cm x 38cm (53" x 75" x 15")
  • King: 150cm x 200cm x 38cm (59" x 79" x 15")
  • Super King: 183cm x 200cm x 38cm (72" x 79" x 15")

  • Pillowcases: 50cm x 75cm (20" x 29.5")

The price above will initially display the lowest and highest priced options. The price for your choice will be shown once you select your preferred option.

All measurements are approximate


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Expensive! If I had been thinking about it, I’m definitely not now. Which I suppose is a good thing.


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I got the shiraz double for the caravan as it was a bit chilly in there this morning. I was going to buy it anyway but I had to be quick. I didn't think it was too bad for the money as you get the bottom sheet as well. I also did a very bad thing and used some of my savings to buy the heated bedspread as well. The dog will melt 🐶



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Ordered the Midnight Blue which said it was on waitlist, so thought I could read the reviews.

As I got to the last screen, it changed to ”In stock”. Good job I love the Velvetsoft stuff 😂


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They are mostly back in stock now. I had a problem ordering on the website last night so it must have been showing sold out when it wasn't. Couldn't be to make everyone rush to buy on waitlist could it 🤔



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If I was going to order I'd go for the Shiraz, just because it looks so sumptuous...I also like the midnight blue. Absolutely no good for me as it would be far far too hot for me and I can't stand the feeling of roasting in bed. Oh on the other hand would love it! We have an electric blanket, but luckily it has dual controls and my side only gets switched on when it's absolutely freezing. Funnily enough the colder it is, the better I sleep, I put on my fleece pyjamas, get under the duvet and stay til morning, most nights is covers on/covers off, window open, window closed, jamas get the drift..but I think this will just be tooo hot. I'm presuming it's a bugger to get dry after it's been washed. Despite slagging off 90% of what Q offer I've being buying far too much lately. Even though I've been extremely happy with all my purchases this year, apart from an awful Ashwood leather handbag, this is really gotta stop and I'm beginning to see how easily it can break into obsession/compulsive buying. I shall make an exception for the next installment of Harry's candles, as I'd frankly be a fool not to buy them ...I intend to gift two of them one as a xmas present and one for a birthday, the rest I'm keeping.
Apart from the bag I would recommend everything I've purchased...Set of foldaway freezer bags, usb operated fan that can be used as a desk fan or a stand up fan, Frank Usher wrap with pearly trim...bought late one night in a fit of pique, regretted in the was only £23.00 all in so I didn't cancel, and so glad I didn't it is beautiful, and perfect for this time of year, 4 pairs of mukluk fleece lined tights, great quality, lovely and warm but don't make you too hot, resistance band "gym" in a bag - Brilliant, a kim & co paisley dress (threw something out to make room for it) ..lovely..and then of course the candles. I've worked out that my expenditure with Q since the begining of March has been about £270 of which nearly £30 has been postage and packaging charges. I don't know whether in the grand scheme of things this is particularly bad..but I think I've really got to keep tabs on it, especially since all bar about 1 or 2 purchases have been pure impulse buys! Least the horrible bag, which is in the charity donation bag had free postage!


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I was so naughty and not only succumbed to the Vintage Rose velvet soft throw, but also this set in the seafoam, it just looks so soft and inviting - my OH moans when I get out the cozee home but tough gazungas - as others have said, it's for me!!!!


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Ordered the Midnight Blue which said it was on waitlist, so thought I could read the reviews.

As I got to the last screen, it changed to ”In stock”. Good job I love the Velvetsoft stuff 😂

Does anyone find the Velvetsoft stuff cold? I have one set that feels amazing to get into... in the summer, but I find it too cool for the winter.

My lovely old GP (I miss him so much) told me many years ago that I have a 'faulty thermostat' as I go from boiling to freezing in seconds and am extremely temperature-sensitive. I sweat easily so CH has been brilliant for me as it isn't cold and wet when I get back into bed in the middle of the night.

The best one for me so far has been the faux mink set. I sleep with the mink side next to me. It doesn't seem to tip my thermostat as easily as others.

I also have the problem where the Velvetsoft rolls up on itself with the sheet elastic somewhere in the middle that takes ages (and stronger hands than mine!) to unravel and makes my machine hop all over the kitchen floor (which frightens the crap out of my poor dog!). Anyone else have this? Mine's the superking.

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