Craig and the binoculars


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Was anybody watching at lunch time when a lovely older man was on with mini binoculars. Craig had them upside down he was looking through the wrong end and saying how great they were. The guest had to show him which end was the correct way. It was the funniest thing he must have felt a proper prat he certainly looked like one.:mysmilie_17:

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I didn't see it but that's brought to mind a very happy memory. Hubby and I were on holiday in Jersey and there was one of those telescopes that you put money in. I feed it money and then called to hubby, who was some distance from me. I told him they were useless as I couldn't see anything any clearer. He called back to me that I was looking through the wrong end!!! We both doubled up with laughter and can't see a telescope now without remembering.


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I was watching the binoculars man today but I must have missed Craig's faux pas. I would buy these if Mr CC hadn't had a pretty decent pair from his family one christmas so we don't really need them. I like these informative guests, there used to be that guy that did the Cloisonne jewellery, he was fascinating, as was Rose Kwan (was that her name?).


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