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You can either pay (if you're interested) £38.50 plus £3.95 p&p from QVC or under £2 from Amazon. Or you can buy these and add the scissors together for £8. Quite frankly I find QVCs mark-up for profit/greed and overheads is absolutely outrageous.

Good spot. Have you tried these at all?

Incidentally I am definitely not defending QVC policies/prices (and especially postage etc..!) but the issue is one of the reasons I usually find QVC so insanely expensive and am unable/unwilling to shop there very much.

That issue is branding! The one QVC is selling is probably the original/branded product (not that I've ever heard of it!) and therefore you're paying for that name (and the patents and trademarking costs that came with the "invention" - see Dragon's Den!) The generic or cheapo copies of items on Amazon will always be a lot cheaper. Mind you that is quite some mark-up as you say!

That's why I will only buy certain items at QVC if I really can't find a cheaper alternative elsewhere.
For example, Turbie Twists - the generic ones I've tried are either microfibre or poorer quality...
But then again last time I bought some Turbie Twists (cotton head-bands, not the towels), it was cheaper to buy them direct from the company on eBay in America than QVC UK..!!

[Sorry got a bit carried away on my theme!] ;)


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Yes I bought them and they're very strong. The box is in Chinese writing because what happens is, the Chinese factory will make them and sell them to different companies in this case CreaClip, they pay for different packaging and charge a lot more for it. It's like that Flawless hair remover, I bought the one from JML then seen the one on eBay made in China for a lot less, they were both identical in every single way except one was direct from China free postage, the other was from JML a lot dearer with postage.