Create and Craft gave wrong product information?


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I made a thread concerning a Sewing Machine Basket my dad ordered with lots of extras.

2 Sewing Baskets come and no freebies, so dad phoned and emailed them.

Earlier on today, they made him sound like a liar saying that the freebies never existed.

He has now received an email, saying that the products, that were listed to be included with the basket, never existed, in the bundle, but were mentioned in the hour and shown.

They have offered him a voucher


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They said he can keep it , they are going to refund the money and give him a £10 Voucher.

But it has really turned him off, from ordering anything that involves, Freebies etc.


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He sad he wanted the basket at that price as it was worth it, but he wonders how many other viewers got caught out. And had forgot when it arrived that extras were included.

On the website now, there are 2 of the same item under two item numbers, one offering a free hummingbird, and one not but at the same price.

Today they have been showing a Airbrush kit, with colours for 199.99 but you could buy just the airbrush machine for another 20 pounds without colours, what is that about.

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Are you asking about Julian’s defunct channel that went out of business owing suppliers and customers money?


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Hmm, that's quite good deal. But is it a little bit specious? Are they offering a monthly subscription after that? He should check his bank..

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