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What do people think of this creation idea so far ?


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Great idea but they have shot themselves in the foot, rushing it out before they are ready to take online orders. Looks a bit desperate and they obviously can't afford decent IT support. Is it only me who thinks they are in financial trouble?


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I am pleased someone thinks the same as me. It does shout of desperation. They cannot even replace broken rings stands because they have ran out of budget. (According to Jerrilee)

They cannot afford to produce stock without a definite buyer. The shop might well not exist now compared to what it used to be. Whats going to happen when someone returns a creation piece with an odd ring size? The returns were taking almost 30 days, why? Desperation or cash flow? They say that the gems are so cheap because they have been bought many years ago. Well that's fine but when is someone going to buy new stock. Is it because they do not have the budget. I am very concerned about their future.

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They are in desperate trouble - losing money hand over foot! Scrapped the freeview till 11pm and now scrapped the week day morning shows! returns take forever due to the poor returns system they have in place..

They get very minimal new business and lose old customers because of the shoddy way they treat returning customers.

You heard it here first... i give it 12 months tops before Germany (juwelo) pull the plug


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Oh dear another shopping channel in trouble.Situp ltd (bidtv) and now rocks and co.John Scott and others better start finding a new job.


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I have no idea whether they're in trouble or not, but the Creation idea is not necessarily symptomatic of that; it could just be that they're trying to offer something unique in the marketplace. They say that Creation pieces will reach the customer in 10 days, so they must have the gold and gemstones standing by, ready to be made up.

In principle, I think it's a good idea. I have just ordered by first Creation earrings, and am looking forward to seeing how it works out.


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The idea is a good one - but it seems they are having trouble with the timing of deliveries. I got a call back on a piece I had wish-listed with the offer of it as it had become available in Creation - that was on the 23rd May - I'm told I can expect it around the 20th June....... :wonder:


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So is the theory you order it then they make your ring, in the mean time you have to wait? Why aren't they making it clear after each sale or more often?


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Nice idea - but what if you don't like it? Under Distance Selling, you can't return an item which has been customised in any way or 'made for you' - hence the reason Apple always try to get you to 'add an engraved message' to your item!

***Well hush my mouth! :wait: I'm wrong - "You will have 10 working days from the day receive your purchase to return it back to us at Rocks and Co."


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