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I ordered a ring from TJC on 1/10/13. As I still hadn't received it by 9/10 I sent an email to customer services. I hadn't received a reply so I checked my account and saw that the payment had been deducted from my card on 1/10 but the item had still not been invoiced or despatched. I sent them another email on
10/10. By late afternoon I thought I might as well phone to find out when I might receive the item. As there were "5 callers ahead of " me I left a message as I was informed by the voicemail that I would be called back by close of play. This is definitely the last order the company will get from me as they just can't be bothered.


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can I asked if you used the email address or the "contact us" facility?
I used the " contact us" last week and I am still waiting for a reply.


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Use Live Chat on the website - you get an instant reply or call back.

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