Dale's Fingernails


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Well groomed hands have always been important to me & considering the amount of nail products sold by the Q the tat peddlers have no excuse for unkempt nails. The hands of someone with a practical job will obviously show their occupation; my late brother in law was a tree surgeon, he was also a biker who spent a lot of time stripping down engines but he kept his nails short, used Swarfega & a barrier cream so his hands looked pretty good.


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Quite right Twilight. Hands that show manual work are not ugly if they are cared for properly. Not everyone can have nails as perfectly manicured as Charlie, but Dale should make more of an effort to trim his nails since he knows there will be close ups of them. They were in no way grubby, however, as I noticed Julien McDonald's were the other day.

Bea Frugal

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I haven’t seen Dale in months but he always seemed to take great care with his appearance and I couldn’t fault his grooming. Can’t stand men with unkempt nails. Maybe something’s happened to throw him off kilter. A lot of us have been under pressure recently. Hope he gets his mojo back.

Totally Loopy Lou

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Our Chloe has bitten nails. For someone who shows so much confidence, it's a bit surprising.
Oh that doesn’t surprise me at all!
I think her “confidence” comes across as over-compensation and bluster!

Yes she’s loud and hyper and has too much outward energy and I may be wrong but I suspect underneath she’s not that self-confident and has her anxieties?