Dave Troth


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Dave Troth bingo...

- It's a global event
- Best we've ever done
- You won't see this again
- Mine is closed...gone
- Rarest stones ever
- Most talked about gem

Tune in tomorrow folks for more of the same 😜


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Oh Gee4, I can’t stop laughing at your comment 🤣🤣 So true. I flicked over from another channel to see Ellis in fits over the Jewellery boxes being on 3 for 2 . Don’t know what’s happened, shouldn’t happen etc etc. oddly enough that’s the same offer that was on in the week. Obvs Ellis and The Hayleygig didn’t get the memo.


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Yesterday and today Dave has graced our screens with biblical, Sandwana emeralds. Was anyone tempted? The prices were too rich for my blood and I dislike cabochons so I wasn't. And what do you think about Dave's claim that he is taking on high jewellers like Tiffany's with his David Harry Collection? Are you impressed l?