Decleor or Elemis ?

China Girl

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Both top brands at qvc, but which one do you all prefer and why?


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Definately Elemis for me
since developing acne rosacae 2 years ago
Elemis has really helped calm my skin especially the daily redness relief
I still use LE as well


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Decleor for me, it has made a huge difference to my skin. I have had facials from both Decleor and Elemis and I don't get the wow factor from Elemis's ones whereas after a Decleor one I can see my skin is glowing etc...


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Elemis PCMC. Love it. I have very sensitive skin but this doesn't irritate it, although other products in the range do.


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Definitely, definitely Decleor. I would love to support a British brand and it's good it enjoys the success that it does, but I can't stand the smell of most Elemis products, especially the body products with frangipane which to me smell like dirty dishwater or old cut flower water. Also, I don't have sensitive skin but I seem to have developed an allergic reaction to the Elemis woman, Keeley.


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Definitely Elemis for me, it has really helped with my oily skin and my skin definitely looks better, Decleor oils and balms are nice but, nothing else in the range is great, for my skin anyway - Hydra Floral made my skin quite spotty.


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I love Elemis it agrees with my roseaca, not everything in the range does though.

Now I have used Decleor before and products from the range I really loved but once I developed roseaca they broke me out.

Hydra Floral, I remember its launch way back and though many love it. Did not rock my world, nice moisturiser and that was it for me.

Elemis I just love my Pro Collagen range, the new bath and body range especially Quiet Mind.


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if you are allegic to essential oils then both are a no no. very scented products so can do more harm than good and can give you spots and rashes and boils.


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I like to use a mixture of both, dont fly flag for any in particular but I know what works for me and a cocktail of both brands do the trick for my skin.


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I use both in rotation but i always go back to Decleor when my skin it at its worst or i have break outs as it instantly calms and regulates everything. I dont like Elemis body products at all though!


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I like both and think they both are very good, i love the smell of Decleor products and dont think anyone does oils like they do, but i have very sensitive/eczema prone skin and had a decleor facial one, and had really bad reaction to the products, although i have used a lot of them in the past with no bad effects, funny enough the only facial i have ever had where i have not had a problem was with Elemis, i have had a few facials from them both at a spa and in the debenhams store and have been very happy with the results, their daily redness relief is brilliant, but having said that i still love my Decleor aromessence iris and Liz Earle's cleanse and polish, i think it does no harm in mixing them around a bit. but that is only my opnion!


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Elemis definitely, I love almost everything, except the Papya Enzyme Peel stuff which is pretty pants IMHO!
I only ever tried one Decleor kit (though it was a broad selection of their products!) & once was enough - everything was just so greasy & breakout inducing, couldn't get on with it at all! I was consequently a little nervous about trying Elemis' Bliss capsules but got on fine with them, loved them in fact & wished I'd tried them earlier!
I have normal to combination skin, so not the most ideal candidate for Decleor maybe?


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I like certain items from each of the brands . If you had broken it down and had said,
Face moisturisers......
Body lotion...............
Cleansers ............... etc, maybe we can answer better :thinking:


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Moisturisers: Elemis PCMC and Oxy Night

Cleanser: Elemis Sensitive Wash(always loved it), but am using Eve Lom and Ren in the evening. I swap about depending on my mood)

Body Lotion: I do love the Elemis one in the blue tube, it smells like the Milk Bath stuff. But I did have a Decleor mousse like pot(bought in a sale), which was gorgeous

I was given samples of the Decleor Sensitive range but it broke me out. I believe it was the rose, for some reason they have rose in the essential oil and balm, my skin does not like rose.


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I have had facials from both brands over the years, Decleor made my dry sensitive skin react very badly. Don't like the smell at all, or any of their cleansers. Liked the texture and smell of system corps but I was allergic to it, made my arms itchy and bumpy. I was able to use elemis PCMC and milk bath plus many of the body products, love the lime and ginger salt scrub and the frangipani monoi. My skin was fine after the facials i.e no allergic reaction but my experience of the elemis skin care generally is no better results, products don't deliver on my skin so not worth the money. I had an Eve Lom facial a couple of times with "wow" results but sadly when I purchased the cleanser after it made my skin itchy and bumpy. The only brand that has ever truly wowed me in terms of facial, skincare products for daily use that delivers results and is a pleasure to use is Emma Hardie, although LE cleanse & polish is brilliant also.

Neither Elemis nor Decleor for me on body lotion, I like L'Occitane she body cream or a Cien sensitive lotion from Lidl!


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Donna, John Lewis have 2 x 200ml of the Skin nourishing body moisturiser for £25, I think it might also be on offer on other websites too.
I like the Elemis body range, even the tranquil touch body wash has grown on me, didn't like the smell at first. The Tranquil Touch body polish is good too, I have little bumps on the backs of my arms and feel it really works, as I can feel the grains working!!!


Decleor is a better brand. Plus Keeley is annoying!


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I do love both brands and I did start off with Decleor but found I wasn't getting the results I need until I started using Elemis. I still love the aromessences from Decleor but think Elemis are far better with their creams and masks.


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I have tried Elemis several times and always returned it. Does nothing for me. The PCMC left my skin all sticky so foundation would not go on properly afterwards.

I used to love Decleor in the days when they had the brown cleanser - hate the pink stuff.

I personally use mainly Gatineau - but will use other items. Best not to stick to one brand but find out what products suit your skin from all ranges - even the dreaded high street! The only advantage with buying from QVC is if it doesnt suit you can return it - I have spent lots on the high street only to have to throw it away if I don't like it.

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