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Is anyone having delivery problems with TJC? I placed an order on Monday 13th and another one on 15th, I had an email last Friday saying the first one had been shipped and one on Monday saying the second one had been shipped. A parcel finally arrived today but it was the second one, no sign of the first order yet! I know they say 7-10 working days and of course I appreciate they've had their sale but I've never had to wait this long for a delivery! I hope it arrives tomorrow and even if it does that will have been 12 days, I ordered something from Amazon Monday evening and that arrived Wednesday morning !


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Good luck getting your goodies -my 2 orders took ages and when they arrived only one set of pendants were ok all other items were not correct size ,or pieces missing ,really dissapointed with TJC lately ,and when after phone call ,where i was promised a call back, which did eventually happen few days later and at least 3 emails a day for 3 days CS did sort it ,but who needs so much hassel?.


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I ordered two lots of loose gemstones on Tuesday one lot from Gems TV and one lot from TJC,I checked them out at the same time.

The gems tv parcel arrived today where the delivery cost £2.95, yet the delivery I paid with TJC was maxed out to £4.95 and I’m yet to receive it. Don't know why TJC are taking so long to deliver, it’s getting annoying now.


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Spoke too soon, it has just been delivered by a courier! Horay :)

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