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I've bought a few items from them over the last couple of weeks and I've been surprised at how long it takes them to get the items here

I ordered something the Sunday before last and didn't even get an email to say thanks for your order until the Thursday followed by a despatched email on the Friday, delivered Saturday morning

I bought something else last Saturday and didn't get an email until Wednesday, despatched email on the Thursday, delivered today on the Friday

When I used to buy in the past they would send an email within the hour and often send the item the same day or the day after, it seems that once the item is processed its delivered as quick as in the past but I wonder why its taking them 4-5 days to process orders

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Was this with the £4.99 delivery?


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The delivery information on their website seems somewhat out of date. It says they 'aim' to deliver all items within 5 days (not working days) with the exception of plants and plant accessories but these days there are absolutely loads of other items that are direct dispatch, sometimes they mention the fact but often they don't.

In fact they seem to make a big point of it when an item IS on 3-5 day delivery so I assume if they don't mention anything it will take longer.


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Was this with the £4.99 delivery?

1 was, the other was the standard £7.99

Once they send the item it comes just as quick as they used to but 5 days before even getting an email to say thanks for your purchase or to be accurate congratulations on your bid shopping order seems a bit off when you used to get it within the hour, I thought maybe there was a problem at first until I checked my online statement page the next day on the site to see it on there saying unprocessed which is how it stayed for another 3-4 days

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