diamond delivery!


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My latest delivery... Someone in the chat was asking me about the size of the 1ct diamond cluster - well I love it! It's very sparkly and I can't help but look at it when it catches the light.
So now to the pics...

Said 1ct diamond cluster
0.75 black and white diamond cluster - an absolute beauty, so sparkly and in a fairly weighty amount of gold. I think I'm going to wear this alot!
White topaz scribbler ring - really like this one too
Amethyst and marcasite ring - big, impressive and great depth of colour.
Amethyst bracelet - this is HUGE! and a perfect fit on my chubby arms. Didn't want to take this off, so I wore it down to ASDA along with the ring! (what can I say? I'm a classy bird!)
Amethyst and rose quartz necklace - I'm not too sure about the design, but I love the depth of purple of the amethyst and it was such a good price.
Citrine and white topaz y. gold ring - Good size of citrine with a lovely rich, warm colour
Smokey Quartz bangle - I was worried that this would be too dainty for me, but I love it. Very rich chocolatey brown tones.

I wish rocks.tv stuff wasn't so nice... only had 1 thing I've wanted to send back!



Yum, yum, yum. what absolute beauties. The amethyst bracelet and the citrine ring are particularly gorgeous.

Rocks is a very dangerous place for the bank account! Hope you get years of happy wear from all your goodies.

Btw, I used to work on the Asda checkouts and a I always noticed the customer's jewellery and couldn't help but ask all about it. A wee chat about gems cheered my day up no end!


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Stunning haul marmalade, well done you! I was being good the night the black diamond was on, have been wishing I'd been bad ever since - and seeing it on you, now it's twice as bad!
Lovely lovely things, enjoy!

Lady Darls

OO nice, love the diamond ring and the black diamond ring as well, but everythings really nice. Well done Marmalade, some very unusual pieces there.


Oh yes indeedy
I wasn't sure about that amethyst necklace when I saw it but it looks stunning on you. I may have to keep a little eye out for that. Well done you


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The dimond rings are STUNNING fab haul there hun, hope you enjoy wearing them thanks for posting the piccies:D


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Thanks everyone. I've had to invest in yet another jewellery box! I think I may get the diamonds valued - just for curiosity's sake. I can thoroughly recommend the black diamonds ... even if they are "Coal with an identity crisis" as someone on the chat said hehe :D. I wish I had been brave enough to bid a bit higher on the blue diamonds last night - I think that's my next aim.

Btw, I used to work on the Asda checkouts and a I always noticed the customer's jewellery and couldn't help but ask all about it. A wee chat about gems cheered my day up no end!
I love it when the sales assistants comment and we have a little chat. After all - I think that's what channels like rocks and gems rely upon - spreading the word and all that!

Thanks Siren, I wasn't too sure about the design of the necklace, but it seems quite comfy :)

I have another delivery due tomorrow... oh, if only I'd gone for that blue diamond :(


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Wow you have got really lovely items there - check out all the diamond sparkles too!!!

& what's this about blue diamond???? What did I miss?????


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well done on your haul there Marmalade (I can see why that's your name!). Loving all the diamonds and amethyst, you lucky thing. can't wait to see what's in the next parcel...

good luck with your hunt for blue diamonds. they rarely disappoint.