Diamond ring TSV



I can't fathom why it's a tsv, it's bloody horrible!! :YIKES: So fussy and clumsy looking......and I bet the diamonds are carp too. :rolleyes: :pPC:


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yet another case of QVC losing touch with their customer base, who 2 weeks before Christmas has that sort of money to spend on what in reality is a pretty medioca ring.


Too much money for 9ct.


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This ring is only 9ct gold, for goodness sake, so the price is over the top.
Also, how many people, do QVC think, are going to have a spare £600 going spare? It's a lot of money to spend on a christmas present.
Could QVC be having financial problems? If so, they should be aiming to make more sales, not limit the number of people who can afford to buy. EZ pay would help.


I've done it again!
Not my cup of tea. It reminds me of those big cocktail rings that were more popular years ago.

It's set in 9 ct gold and for quite a wide ring at the head (18 cm), it tapers down to only 2.3 mm at the back! No expense spared on the gold then! :whistlingsmilie: Too much money for what it is. When they don't tell you the grade of diamonds upfront, I've learned not to expect much. The wooden box may be nice though! :lolwave:


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credit crunch? anyone at qvc towers? :11:


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why anather cluster? why not a good single diamond for that price. clusters are a bit old fashioned now arent they?


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Didn't QVC have a special christmas ring, which appeared for the month of December and disappeared until the next year? The design was the same as this one. QVC's jewellery has always been rather boring in design, the odd piece is lovely but they stick to the same old same old cluster.


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OMG thats fecking horrible ( sorry if you like it dont want to offend anyone ) :)


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Yet anothe mega expensive ring/jewellery item - this is the third in the last few weeks. Does qvc not realise there is a recession on. I know people get treated at xmas but I am sure if most people were going to buy a nice ring they would like to go to a shop and choose not just get one off the telly they couldn't see properly.


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Bet they dont run out of them.Not my cup of tea either,good luck to anyone who has purchased though

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