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How many dies do C&C think we want. Most of the programmes lately have been flogging dies - Tattered Lace, Tonic, Spellbinders. I bought a die cutting machine but wish I hadn't really. If I had a craft shop or did craft stalls then I can see that I could cut numerous dies and sell them in little packets but other than that I really can't se the need for having dozens and dozens of the things. It has become very boring.


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Couldn't agree more, it is getting very boring.
Even though I have a Cuttlebug and a Grand Calibur I'm still not interested in most of the dies they sell. I don't like tonic or tattered lace (not my style and overpriced as far as I'm concerned) the Sue Wilson dies are nice but wouldn't get used enough and if I want spellbinders I can get them far cheaper online. Apart from basic shapes for matting and layering, tags and banner type dies for sentiments and the odd flourish or leaves for embellishments I don't go for fans, shoes, animals, cars etc. as I'm a stamper first and formost my dies are chosen to be used with my stamped images.

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I hold my hand up to having bought all the POD dies but I haven't bought any for ages. Over on our sister forum, Craft Telly, we feel the same - far to many dies and the shows are very boring with few people watching C&C.

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