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Jun 26, 2008
I wonder how much iodine these products contain ? It can be dangerous for people with thyroid problems. I haven’t heard them mention any ‘warnings’ on air and nothing on the website listing.
I’ve had an underactive thyroid since 2015 so will steer clear of these. However, my recent blood test shows that I’m now borderline overactive 🙄 but the only thing that I’ve changed, since my last test, is my diet. I’ve ditched all the “naughty” things like cakes, chocolate, crisps and biscuits etc and have opted for healthy choices. The doctor said that the dietary change might be the reason for a change in the results and I’m having another blood test in two weeks. I guess it might mean that my diet is now giving me enough “natural” iodine, 🤔 we won’t know for sure until those results come in.

He told me to keep eating healthily so I’m doing as I’m told (for once 😉) and the bonus is that I’ve lost two stone and a fair few inches since the end of January.

The only advice they gave during the presentation is to check with your doctor if you have a thyroid issue but, other than that, there was no mention of possible problems. Maybe it’s on the packet?
They have done check with your doctor first for years. Now, let us be serious, what are the chances of getting to speak to your doctor these days? My surgery has a phone at 8.30 am and wait for 50 minutes to speak to the receptionist and if you are lucky the doctor might phone you back. Or get the message, "sorry, all appointments to speak to the doctor are now full."

I had an overactive thyroid for years now, it is boarder line don't need the meds for over or under active.
I had an overactive thyroid for years now, it is boarder line don't need the meds for over or under active.
The doctor’s reduced the mg that I take each morning. Hopefully my next results will show that’s worked. If not, I guess they’ll investigate further. 🤔 I really hoping the healthy diet is the reason because, as I mentioned earlier, it’s the only thing that’s changed since my previous blood test.
Under/over active thyroid are serious and meds are very powerful.

I’ve been border-line under active for donkeys years but GP has said they don’t treat to ‘prevent’ borderline results dropping to fully under-active.
I was borderline underactive for quite a while before I started levothyroxin. I had a few of the symptoms but put feeling lethargic to having just retired. The doctor sent me for regular blood tests but it was another blood test that was done in hospital after I’d had a total knee replacement that triggered medication. The hospital sent the results to my doctor and he called me in to the surgery. As I was still on crutches he did the post op examination as well, but then said that I should start medication for the thyroid. He was spot on because within a month I had my energy back and felt so much better. I used to have a blood test every three months, because thyroxin levels can fluctuate, but went on to six monthly ones until now. At this rate I’ll have an empty arm. 😉 However, I feel extremely well at the moment so that’s a bonus.
Overactive runs in my family. Which is supposed to not be possible. My big brother had it, my granny had it and my aunt. If you mention it to a doctor, they will say no.

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